Saturday, June 13, 2009

Thank you Heather and Harry!

Hi everyone!
Mom and I had the BIGGEST surprise yesterday! We were sitting here in the study working when our DOORBELL rang and we saw that our mailman (Janie's substitute) had left a PACKAGE on our porch!

We weren't expecting anything, so we were completely surprised to see it was from our Alabama friends Harry Pugalicious and his mom Heather!

Right away, we recognized this Pug note as one of MELISSA and EMMITT's PUGNOTES!!!
It says "Just some treats for everyone. I know the beignets are bad for us all, but you should indulge every now and then! Enjoy, Heather & Harry" (AWWWWW!)

Wait a minute...did she say BEIGNETS???? OMG! It's BEIGNET MIX from CAFE DU MONDE in New Orleans!!! Here is a pic of the mix...
Wait a minute...Mom? What's a beignet???
**Mom's note** WELL Salinger...a beignet is a little french doughnut, typically square, topped with powdered sugar and eaten while warm and preferrabley at CAFE DU MONDE in the French Market in New Orleans with a nice mug of cafe au lait!
I was there a few years back and probably ate my weight in beignets, which was no small feat at the time!!! I will make them for you soon and you'll see! Heather must have picked the mix up when she was in N'awlins for us! How sweet!

Ok...what is in this bag with the cute paw print tissue???
WAGATHA'S cranberry cheddar biscuits for MOI! MMMM!

Heather and Harry also sent this DoDahDay can cozy...
My good buddy Hank and I can toss back a few PBR's with this!!!

Thank you SO MUCH guys! We were SO surprised and just love everything!!!!
You made our day!

Pee-s, We hope Midi Kitty is feeling better!


Steve said...

Sorry about the Red Wings
Guzzi was rooting for them.
myspace guzzipug

Salinger The Pug said...

Thanks Steve and Guzzi!

We are experiencing a day of mourning and don't really feel like talking about it. :-(

R.I.P. 08-09 Wings....SO close!

Tweedles -- that's me... said...

talk about special gifts, how cool is that?
Mighty cool i think!!

Harry Pugalicious said...

Yay! I's so glad you gots the package. Those biscuits are from my favorite store - enjoy!

Hank said...

Now that was real nice o' H and H to send ya such a great package.

Yep, Sal, buddy.....we could definitely give that cozy a workout!

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi salinger!
oh what fabulous gifts you got from heather and harry!
how fun!!!!

Nevis said...

Sorry about the Red Wings! The beignets look delicious though!