Friday, June 26, 2009

Errands with mom

Hi everyone! I got to run errands with mom yesterday! Check it out!

Come on mom! I've got the AC cranked in here and I'm waiting on you!

First stop was the Post Office. We have a really tiny one near our house that doesn't even have any people working inside! Everything is automated. Can you see how small it is?

Next stop was the dry cleaners to get Daddy's shirts!

I got to go inside and see my friend Debbie!!!
She's known me since I was a tiny puppy!

Those were the only stops that we had to we went back home. I really wanted to make more stops!
Are we home ALREADY!???

Happy Friday everyone!


Brill said...

Here in town they're remodelled the Post Office so for the first time they've got Self-Service machines... which I really like ! but I've only used them a couple of times, so maybe the novelty will wear off soon

The Great Rock Eater said...

Maybe next mom will have more stops to make!! At least you got to go into the dry cleaners!! Have a great weekend!!

Hank said...

That sure is a cool little post office, Sal, buddy. My side o' town ain't that progressive.

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi salinger!
oh what a great adventure!
you do look ready for more!

Nevis said...

You're such a cutie Sallers. And we've only got those old school post offices here in the South where I live!