Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Critic's Corner with Salinger The Pug

Greetings everyone! Today we are going to try something new...a MUSIC REVIEW!

We were one of the lucky winners of the "Guess What I'm Posing For" contest over at Murphy Dogg's blog and won THIS...

Mom almost peed herself she was so excited about this! She has been known to suffer from NEAR bleeding ears from blasting some of her old school Punk stuff. She even got ME into the scene in my younger/wilder days! Check this out...

OK enough of this fooling around...time to be serious and get on with the review....

First up, "Punk Rock Dogg"...
LOVED it! The Dead Milkmen have got NOTHING on Steve "Mastiff" Mallon. The lyrics were brilliant (we especially loved the comparison of the PUG to a big fat sausage!)

Second, "My Dog Is a Punk Rocker"
Does Sheik "Shih Tzu" Kolb realize that he totally captured the sound of the dear, late, great Joey Ramone?? The song is haunting, moving and made us want to jump up and down tearing up stuff. Sheena would be proud.

The next two we believe to be original songs sung by the honey voiced Darla "Dachshund" Kitt. "I know a Dog" has this great retro vibe to it that made us want to don a black beret and give snaps, while "Mama's Little Monster" is smooooth and made us want to just chill and then figure out how to play the CD backwards to hear a secret message.

"Punk Rock Dogg Bop" is Ramones-esque and Cedric "Rokkdog" Crouch's style gives the song a great playful feel. Good for rubbing tummies or just running around like a maniac with someone's stolen underwear in your mouth.

Then...our favorite "I'm an @$$hole"...Murphy Dogg's lyrics are even better than Dennis Leary's and mom has been singing it for two days now. The lyrics about the litterbox snacks and licking himself leave you with visuals that are guaranteed to make you laugh, cry and possibly even gag/vomit...but in a good way.

We must also mention that the CD is peppered with vocals from Murphy Dogg himself (barking) which is especially pleasing to the canine ear ( makes dogs go BAT$HIT CRAZY and run around the house looking for the other dog!!!)

So all in all....we have to give "Punk Rock Dogg, Songs For Deviant Dogs" FOUR PAWS UP ( wait....4 paws up would look like someone croaked!....) Make that TWO enthusiastic paws up!!!!

Murphy Dogg's Mom Colleen (who is SO cool, BTW!) says that starting on FRIDAY (4/10/09) you too can be the proud owner of this hard to get CD. CLICK HERE, purchase $40 worth of Punk Rock Dogg merchandise, and the CD is YOURS!

This concludes our first installment of Critic's Corner. We hope you all found this review to be helpful and informative. We're going to keep listening to Murphy and his pals while I do my best RCA Dog impression...

Happy Hump Day everyone!


Pearl and Daisy said...

Wow! Great review! Our daddy would love that cd - he loves his punk rock especially the Ramones.

Pug love from,
Pearl & Daisy

Harry Pugalicious said...

Great review, S-Dog!

Hey - I's left something for you on my bloggie.

Nevis said...

Hey were such a cute puppy..! And you're still adorable!

Pug(s) and Bugg said...

WOW your glasses are nice! And we agree with your review... what a great CD!!!!

Pearl said...

The CD sounds awesome! You look soooo cute in your glasses!

Brill said...

What a neat CD !
The other week there was a busker in town who had a canine accompanienment which was pretty funny :>

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi s-dog!

you are just toooo coool!

love all of your pictures. the cd looks great!

excellent review!

m & e

Pugsley said...

Hey BPF!!

I think you ROCK:)!!!!


Stubby said...

A pug music critic - I love it! Salinger, you crack me up. Who says that pugs aren't smart? We are the smartest breed around! Stubby xoxo

SassyDog said...

I don't know any of those songs personally but I think you did a great review. MAkes me wonder what they sound like now. BTW, where is Maggie Marie, is she okay? She hasn't posted in quite some time, just curious.

Apollo-of the Greek God's Pug said...

Great music review, Salinger! I'll definately have to get my paws on that. My Mommy and I listen to rock when we're in the car. She says it gets me kinda crazy sometimes.

Clover said...

Hi Salinger!
That is a pawesome review! It sounds like a great CD. I love the cover.
And I love the baby pic of you in your punk days!!
Love Clover xo

Stanley said...

LOVED the review, man. Need to get me that CD, but my girl has her plastic all locked up where I can't get to it. We shall see...

Goob love,