Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Where the heck was mom????

So Mom just UP AND LEFT me home with Daddy last week. Some crap about her going to Arizona to be with Mimi and Pa (her parents) out in the SUNSHINE. Pssshhhhhh....
Here I am TRAUMATIZED by the notion of my primary caregiver/cook/Lady-in-Waiting leaving me!

Here is a lovely pic of Mom (in the coral) whooping it up with Pa and Mimi in the White Tank Mountains. (Sigh...boy...I would have LOOOOVED hiking with them!)

Mom tried to make me feel better by taking all these silly pictures of Mimi's Golf Club cover that looks exactly like me.......told me some B.S. about her feeling like I was there with her!
With Pa

With Mimi

Sitting on a pile of Spring Training baseballs

The Ant that guards the front door

Ooohhh...quail eggs!

Pretty flowers

On the Rosemary hedge (mmmm....smells SO good!)

At JACK IN THE BOX!!!! WHY did she torture me like this? We don't even HAVE Jack in the Box here in Indiana!

As if THIS wasn't bad enough...mom has a mess of pics of her CHEATING on me while she was out there!
This is Mom holding Ellie....a cute Bichon/Maltese mix that belongs to one of Mimi's good friends (Hi Mrs. Carbary!). Ellie is pretty cute, so I can let that one slide...but check THIS out....

She's CHEATING ON ME in broad daylight with another PUG!!!! This dude is named Hercules and mom says she's going to do a whole post about him tomorrow. This ought to be good! She better come up with a GOOD story for cheating on me like this!
(***Mom's note*** Don't worry....it's a GREAT story and you'll all LOVE it!)

Mom was gone ALLLL that time and I figured she'd at least bring me home some decent swag to make up for it.....NOPE!...look what she brought me....
LEMONS!!!??? What the @#$% am I going to do with these????

Mom DID give me lots of kisses when she got home and also some extras from Mimi and Pa. It's a start!!!!


Sandy said...

Hey, you gotta give your mom a break sometime...I bet she missed you, too. There's a show called "Cheaters"..you need to give them a call!

Stubby said...

Salinger dude - you need to chill out. I think your head is going to explode from jealousy. Give your mom a break because I think she missed you more than you missed her.

I can't wait to read tomorrow's post about Hercules.

Stubby xoxo

houndstooth said...

Um, maybe you can make lemonade with them? I hope that Hercules story is good!


Twinkietinydog said...

Okay, by now you must have heard the expression. Life deals you lemons and you make kibble out of that. You don't have Jack in the Box???

Diane said...

Salinger, you just make me laugh so much. I am sure it's very traumatic seeing mom kiss another dog..especially a pug! You need to share your mom with all the other little animals! I'm quite sure she missed you so much! I am very anxious to hear the story about Hercules. He's very handsome but I doubt he has your charm!
xoxo Diane

Maggie the Pug said...

I know abandonment is terrible, but if you're like me you'll give in and give her lots of kisses. oh well... you can still protest by barking in the process... sometimes I just bark & scream at Mom (then give in and lick lick lick)...all in a pug life!

Puglette said...

wow, first dad leaves you for a "business" trip and then mom goes to visit "family"?!? what's next, holden leaving on the "big yellow bus"? ummm...maybe your wrinkles are too cheesy?

Those Elgin Pugs said...

Sal -
What are you going to do about all this madness? Where to begin. First of all...You must destroy that Muppet Puppet thingy... Total misrepresentation of you! I mean really. Are you kidding me??? Second of all, who is that other pug???? And is his name really Hercules??? It couldn't be Grover or Bart...but Hercules...Thirdly, that little puff ball of a doggie...what is that...my Mommy has make-up sponges that looks like that! Fourthly, A LEMON!!! When life gives you lemons you can either made lemonade or THROW THEM!!!
Hee hee
Izzy (what - did you think Josie would say all that?)

Those Elgin Pugs said...

I am very sorry for the behavior of my sis.

And that little white Doggie Ellie is adorable!


Hank said...

Sal, buddy.....could ya look any MORE traumatized in that bed???

Look, bud....by my calculations, yer comin' up on 21 now. Time tuh put on yer big boy panties.

'Course....that's easy fer ME tuh say 'cause my mom never goes anywhere!

Yoda & Brutus said...

Dude - can't believe your mom left you at home and then while gone cheated on you with another pug!

Pugs & Kisses,

Yoda & Brutus

Sequoia & Petunia said...

Oh no cheating...no she wouldn't really? No.

We did like she 'took' you with her and took pictures!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

You give your mom so much love, that it just fiils her up. And then she has over flowing love to share with other puggies.
But its okay- your her fountain of love. You fill her up and no one can take your place

Wilma said...

Whenever my Mom does something I don't approve of,I like to leave a secret poop somewhere random for her to find at a later date. The ift that keeps on giving. Just a thought

agent99 said...

Sal, I guess you'll need a juicer, huh? May as well make lemonade. And I totally agre, it's time to call Cheaters. I am sure they'll jump at the chance to do a REAL story!

Thanks pugness sake she is home now!

Apollo said...

Lemons...some "adult" drinks come to mind. Can anyone say "Pawty!"

Harry Pugalicious said...

Guess you's gonna have to make some lemonade, dude! Oh, Mom just scrolled down and that's been done. Ummm... ok. Awkward.