Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Shout out to Olivia and Elyse

Hi everyone!!
Do you remember me telling you about Mom's BFF and her family coming to visit us over the summer? CLICK HERE for a refresher. Go ahead...we'll wait.

(Final Jeopardy music plays)

Ok...you're back! WELL....the Edwards family got their very own doggie shortly after they got back home from our house! They didn't get a Pug, they got a Gary (kind of a Heinz 57 bundle of sweetness)

Hello Ginormous Mr. Gary! Please don't eat me...K? Thanks!

The girls adore Gary, but they still have a little soft spot for ME (and WHO wouldn't? Duh!). We understand that Olivia and Elyse are BOTH big fans of my blog, so we wanted to give them a BIG SHOUT OUT and say HI!

WHOOHOO...I'll say ANYTHING for cheese!

Elyse got a cute little "Baby Pug" for Christmas that she named SALINGER! (She says it like "SEN-jer"...how CUTE is that?)

HI Lysie! Your baby Pug Sen-jer looks JUST like me!!!!

Olivia got her first American Girl Doll! Her name is Natalie. I'm sure she and Baby Pug Sen-jer play very well together!

Hi Livvy! Natalie is SO pretty (just like YOU and your sister!)

Here are both superstars posing together. Awwww!


FINALLY...to make Olivia and Elyse giggle...check out the oldest pic that mom has of herself with their mom (Aunt Susan)! Mom thinks this was taken around 1983-ish

OMG...that's like 189 PUG YEARS ago!!!!!

Happy Tuesday everyone!


Pearl said...

Salinger! Those are some sweet little girls, and their new doggie looks very lovable too! Old friends are the best, and it seems like your mom and Susan are the best!

Speaking of lovable... Mom just watched that cheese video and CANNOT get over the cuteness of your face. If she ever comes to Indy, I suggest you ship out to avoid extreme smooches from her.


BRUTUS said...

Hey there, Salinger! What cuties those girls are!! I got my niece a stuffed pug for Christmas too (couldn't find a Frenchie, so it was the next best thing!). And that cheese video - I concur, anything for cheese! What a totally ginormous piece you got, though!! I didn't know cheese came that big, mom is always giving me microscopic cheeselets... Think I'm gonna up the ante now!

Brutus the Frenchie

Sonic said...

Ooooooh that's soooo cute! I'm going to start calling you Senjer from now on. Your eyes in the cheese vid are soooo classic!


Stubby said...

Salinger dude! I will do anything for cheese too! Nom, nom, nom - delicious! At least you chew yours because I just swallow mine.

I can't believe your friends didn't get a pug, but I guess a Gary is okay. And of course everyone has a sweet spot for you. Um, did I just make Pugsley jealous?

Stubby xoxo

Benny and Lily said...

Gary..BOL....cute! Will he grow into his paws? Yep..anything for cheese.
Benny & Lily

houndstooth said...

Salinger, how cool that you get to speak to Olivia and Elyse on your blog!

I believe that cheese does make the world go round!


Martha and Bailey said...

Salinger, you are way too cute with the most expressive eyes.
No wonder you are so loved by your adorable family and friends.
Have a great day.
Martha & Bailey xxx

Harry Pugalicious said...

That was a really deep bark, S-Dog! You trying to sounds as big as a Gary??

Stella, Gunther & Betty said...

Hey Sal, your new bub Gary looks like a cool guy. If he tries to eat ya, show him your mom's donut jammies. That'll change his mind.

I liked your video. Such a mighty boof ya got there. I cans relate to how hard it is to chew when your tongue always gets in the way...

High five!

Pug(s) and Bugg said...

OMD those looks like the coolerest peoples since one has a mini pug and their real dog looks awesome!

Also... cheese. is. awesome.