Monday, October 12, 2009

White Schmackle fun with Mimi

After our wet hike (and mom recovering from the five heart attacks she had watching me chase the squirrel), we stopped off to pick up some SLIDERS from White Castle (a.k.a. White Schmackle). Mom was making "White Trash Stuffing" to go with pork chops for dinner (sautee onions, celery and mushrooms...then add some chopped up sliders and a bit of chicken stock). I attacked Mimi in the back seat trying to get at the goods!

The stupid lady at the drive thru saw me (I was sitting on mom's lap in the car) and said that I was "so ugly that I was cute" UMMMMMMMMMM EXCUUUUUSE ME???????? She was no prize herself so we aren't sure where she got off saying that. She even had the cajones to give me a crappy, substandard "Ol' Roy" dog biscuit (which mom threw away because she read that they're made in China from roadkill, lead paint, melamine, salmonella and whatever else caused them to be recalled a while back).
ANYWAY...where were we after the mean/ugly/probably meth addicted lady insulted and tried to poison me?

Oh yes....SLIDERS!!! Since I was such a good sport and went hiking in the rain and mud, mom told Mimi that I could have a slider...
Mimi broke it up into tiny pieces for me


Mimi finally quit breaking off pieces and just held it out for me to take little bites. I was very careful and didn't bite her fingers...

Mimi even let me lick the empty box when I was finished!

Notice the proper positioning for this task....back arched and PugButt up FAAAR into the air. This allows for maximum face force on cardboard which allows for more flavor to be absorbed.

Mmmm...Sliders are yummy!!!! I highly recommend that you have your people pick you up some today!


Aniemother said...

We like yummers! ;) And we so enjoyed your squirrel chase video - you're a funny guy.

Pearl said...

I am LOL'ing at the drive-thru lady... followed by GAGGING about the Ole Roy biscuits?! I had never heard that. Sick!

Salinger, what are the chances that you are slowly convincing Mimi to get a pug?? I think she needs one!!!!

Harry Pugalicious said...

Yum!!! We's don't have the White Castle here. We's got the Krystal. But Mom says she doesn't drink enough to wants to go there anymore.

Mom says that's a stupid saying that we's tired of hearing too... and we heard someone say it's like saying "You're so stupid you're almost smart"! Maybe your Mom should have told drive-thru lady THAT!

Rosie said...

Eye buggin good goin down and nose holdin bad comin out.
Those sliders are properly named.

Martha Basset said...

You are one very funny pug!!! We get given that line all the time about being so ugly we're cute!!!
We were also told recently that we 'used to be fashionable' - these humans are barking!!!
We are glad we got to know you!
Martha & Bailey xxx

Benny and Lily said...

You just made mom's mouth water for White Castle since we don't have them in California. What nerve of that crazy lady to make such a comment. Bet she had more fingers than teeth!
Benny & Lily

martha said...

You're adorable chasing that squirrel! And adorable doing anything at anytime. The drive through lady is quite rude. I've occasionally heard that ridiculous comment about Bennie, and I get a bit riled up over it.

Hank said...

Sal, buddy.....we love them sliders at my house!

PS Mom has decided the next time some numbnut says I'm so ugly I'm cute, she's gonna come back with "now, how do you think your mother felt when people said that about YOU?". (In a condescendin' tone o' voice.)

Sequoia & Petunia said...

OMD we love the eye bluging pictures! We don't have sliders here but do Big Macs count?

Oakley and Swisher said...

Mmmmm sliders. We think you shoulda peed on that dumb drive thru lady! We can't believe she said that and then tried to poison you. You should sue, buddy!

Lots of Licks--
Oak and Swish

Anonymous said...

oooh sliders!! we don't have white Castle here and I think it is one of the greatest crimes against humanity. plus no sonic.. :(
White trash stuffing huh??? interesting....

Melissa and Emmitt said...


this is emmitt...
i will trade you 10 of my mini meatloaves for one slider.


Sandy said...

Oh that stuffing sounds so good. We fight you over those sliders!!!

Lilo, The Great Rock Eater said...

I'm gonna have to make the momma get me some of those!!! You look way to excited for them to not be good =)