Thursday, February 5, 2009

Pug helping Pugs

Hey mom...what's all this paper stuff?

Oh, how nice! A letter to businesses asking for donation items to auction/raffle for Kentuckiana Pug Rescue! This should help a LOT of my puggy friends that need help and/or medical attention! What can *I* do to help????

You're mailing out all of THESE? PLUS a whole other list of emails and faxes??

We better get crackin! You hold the envelopes and I'll lick them closed...

WOW...three envelopes is a LOT for a Pug like me! I'm going to take my break now and get some popcorn from Daddy...

I'll help more tomorrow after I've had my 23 hours of beauty sleep! Maybe I'll help you navigate to the Post Office to mail all of these because Janie the Mail Lady would have a FIT if we tried to stuff all of these in our mailbox to go out!


Pearl said...

Salinger, you are such a philanthropic boy! Putting in the man-hours to get those letters out!

We think it's great that you and your Momma are helping KPR!

Sandra y Coco said...

Salinger, you should wear a suit like your dad's next time you show up for work! I bet you will look handsome-r.
PS Its very nice of you and your mom to do all this work to help other puggies in need. Mom will go to an event this saturday and buy lots of things from our local rescue group to help a bit.

Nevis said...

Salinger, you are such a giver! :) You deserve some beef liver treats for all that hard work! Or bacon!

Rachel said...

How nice of you helping your rescue brothers and sisters, Salinger!! It's tough work, but it's worth it!

Tibby said...

Hi Salinger!
It's very nice of you to help other puggies like that! You deserve a nice long nap after your hard work!
:) Tibby

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi salinger and mom!
ooooo! i did not get my letter yet!
please email me the address to send my donation. :)
i will miss you while i am gone next week.


The Devil Dog said...

Good job helping, Salinger. Though how you could concentrate for so long with popcorn in the air is beyond me.