Thursday, February 26, 2009

MORE Meijer Ad fun and 'Pimp My Crate'

You won't believe THIS! Does everyone remember the post we did about the poor PUG in the jail cell in the Meijer ad a few weeks ago? CLICK HERE to see it....go ahead...we'll wait while you refresh your memory.

(Hold Muzak playing.....)'s terrible...right?

WELL....LOOK at what those clowns featured in THIS week's ad!

That little white dustmop is in the cage with the door OPEN! What did HE do to deserve to be "sprung"???? Is he in cahoots with that shady looking CAT on the outside????'s still a terrible ad because of the bleakness of the crate, so mom went nuts and decided to follow your suggestions and "PIMP MY CRATE"!!!

Look at this...
Fuzzy dice!

I wasn't digging them...I think daddy won them at the State Fair or something...

WHY did you hang those stupid dice up, Mom? They make my crate smell like CARNIES and FUNNEL CAKES!

Good thing she took them down right after that picture was taken. I was NOT amused! is NOT ambitious enough to have a contest where people send her submissions and all of that, but she will throw that out as a cool theme for those days when Blogger Writers Block hits....PIMP DAT CRATE!!!!
Let's see what you've got!!!

Happy Thursday!

We expect great things from all of you! Good luck!


Totally Timmy said...

Great Idea..Timmy has to start being crated so I will have to pimp it up!

Pearl said...

Ummm, I don't have a crate!! Can I pimp my couch? Or maybe I'll just pimp myself out.... hmmm...

Stacy said...

Brutus doesn't use his crate. But it's a swell idea. I think that dog in the crate paid someone to open that gate. Or maybe he/she is a bad dog and is about to escape.

Pearl and Daisy said...

We love this idea! Mommy is going to put her thinking cap on.

Pug love from
Pearl & Daisy

Harry Pugalicious said...

Great idea... now if I can just get Mom to pay some attentions to me and get creatives!

Rosie said...

One of the cats in my house always goes in my crate - maybe I can use the cat as a decoration - hmmmmm the mommy may object to that idea - I will have to think this through.

Melissa and Emmitt said...

salinger, your mom is the coolest!
we love the fuzzy dice!

emmitt is so funny when he sees his crate. he has a lttle orange berber bed in it and he screams whenever he sees it.

he only goes in it when we take him someplace and he always screams, jumps right in and *talks* to us all the way to wherever we are going.

he is a very good back seat driver.

m & e

Sandra y Coco said...

there's an award for you on my blog!

Tweedles -- that's me... said...

Hi Salinger and mom
I hate crates- I refuse- asn we tried when I was a baby- but I acted like I was vicious or had rabies! I won- no more crate!
Happy Bithday to your mama
HappyBirthday dear mama- happy birthday to you!

Goodboy Norman Featherstone said...

Great idea, but I don't sleep in a crate. Those fuzzy dice are rad.

Clover said...

Haha, pimp my crate... your crate looks pawesome (even without the dice). I will post mine next week maybe!
Love Clover xo

Rosie said...


Rachel said...

hahahahaaaaaa - I love it. Salinger, you just wait. The pugs are gonna have a flat screen TV in the back of their crates with a blue ray player, hydrolic lift kit so they can jack their crates up when they wanna ride 'derty' and a 16 speaker bose sound system so they can blare some Snoop Dogg. And maybe a nice new paint job. The black wire is so 'out'.

Hank's mom said...

This is an outrage! Blatant breed discrimination at it's worst. That's it...I hereby boycott Meijer. (Uh, unless they have dog chow on sale.)

Murphy Dogg said...

What's wrong with you, man?? Carnies and funnel cakes are AWESOME!!
Murphy Dogg