Thursday, February 12, 2009

Horrible Ad!

We received our weekly ad from Meijer yesterday. For those of you outside of the midwest, it's a retail chain that sells everything from groceries to car accessories, like a Super WalMart but not as many freaks walking around. Ordinarily, the weekly ad for Meijer doesn't cause much of a ruckus around the house...until we saw THIS in yesterday's ad!!!!

Can you SEE it??? The ad says "Love Your Pet" and there is a pic of some goofy Golden Retriever chowing down on some food while THIS poor guy is forced to watch from his cell!

Mom says she has half a mind to send one of her famous gripe letters to Meijer headquarters to ask them WTF this poor puggy did to deserve this cruel and unusual punishment! I mean blankie....just MEAN!

Now THIS is a crate, ladies, gents and pugs!
A nice cushy pillow topped with soft stuff, blankets and a nice bone pillow for my head!

What are those morons at Meijer thinking?

***MOM'S NOTE***
Sandra's comment and two emails I just got from people have caused me (mom) to clarify...Salinger hasn't "used" his crate since he was a baby...but he likes to lounge in it during the day sometimes (door open) while I'm in here working. We keep it handy for when repair people come to the house because Salinger is always under the impression that they are here to see HIM and that's not always a good thing.


Rachel said...

that is a pretty sweet crate, Salinger. I think maybe you should start a "Pimp my Crate" web-show or something.

Rosie said...

Well said Salinger - if they want to sell that crate they better make it look a little more homey!!

Sandra y Coco said...

You have a comfy crate, Salinger! my crate was abandoned many years ago, I roam around the house all day and night!

Harry Pugalicious said...

Oh the outrage! I think you should stage a boycott!

I likes the idea of "Pimp My Crate" - do I see a new contest in the making?

SassyDog said...

That is an upsetting photo! Pugs need to be comfy and your crate has got it going on. I like the idea of Pimp the Crate. Rain is headed our way and another cold front, yippee!!

Clover said...

Hi Salinger!
OMD what a horrible ad! That poor poor little puggy! I really like your crate though.
I was just trying to catch up on your blog, and i saw over that big comfy bed you were in, a sign that says "Always kiss me goodnight" - my mom has been searching all over the place for that sign that she saw one time at this one place, but she can't remember!!
Love Clover xo

Pearl said...

OMD! That ad is horrible! Look at the expression on that sweet puggie's face!

(chanting) write the letter Laura, write the letter Laura....

Nevis said...

Salinger is like...such a super model!

moco2d said...

I just found your blog and I'm in love with you, Salinger! I have two puggies of my own so I will be keeping up with your daily adventures!

Stacy said...

Oh Salinger you make me laugh. Poor puggie. Love, Stacy and Brutus

Hank said...

My mom saw that ad in today's paper. Her only thought was "Oh, look! A pug!!!".

(She's not the sharpest tool in the shed).

The Devil Dog said...

I though Salinger looked cute in his crate. Dad says it is the wolf and the cave thing, where we feel safe in our cave.
That poor puggie in the crate. He looks so sad. Maybe we should all leave those people "deposits" to show our displeasure with the ad.


Pugsley said...

Hey BPF-

I guess our mom's will just have to keep going to the "Evil Empire" instead of Meijer:)


PS: Check out the "Funny Picture" my Mom put on my blog:). She put it on there for me and you!!

Aniemother said...

Nicely done! I love my crate, too!