Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hitchin' a Ride

Here's another LONG overdue post (yeah, we're going to be playing catchup for a few days!).
On Saturday June 5, we did another transport to help this sweet little PuggyGirl get to her new foster home in KY so she can find a new forever home!
Meet Maddi!

She was such a SWEET girl! Mom had to seriously restrain herself from giving her stupid ex owners a roundhouse kick to the head (yeah, she could do it too! Look out!) because they were giving her up after only 6 months of having her beacuse they claimed that she wasn't potty trained. The dumb lady said "We leave her outside for HOURS at a time and then she'll come in and pee!". O M G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mom thinks that Maddi will do much better with a family that clearly hasn't flunked "Potty training 101"

She's saying "Thank you for saving me from idiots!!!!"

I got to come along (it was a short drive and we were on our way to meetup!). I was afraid mom would hijack the transport and bring Maddi home to live with us....
We're not KEEPING her are we??????

Thanks for letting us spend a bit of time with you, Sweet Maddi! We're sure you'll find a new FURever home that will have patience and teach you how to be a good girl and treat you like the princess that you are!


Pearl said...

Poor baby! People like her ex-owners make me want to scream.

Read a BOOK! Google potty-training a dog! ASK YOUR VET!? Make SOME effort to educate yourself about your animal! AHHHHH idiots.

She was probably confused about why they gave her up, and that makes me SO sad. BUT... she's in the capable hands on KPR and I know that her future is sweet.

Thanks for transporting her! You guys ROCK!!


Pearl, who is dragging her momma off of her soapbox

houndstooth said...

Aww! We're glad Maddie is on her way to a much better life! She sure is cute. Are you sure she won't come back to your house?


Puglette said...

what idiots!! what did those people think, that she was going to train herself?? i really hate some of the feeble excuses people make up for giving up a wonderful doggie. i am sure little maddi will get the right family and the proper spoiling a puggy princess rightly deserves.

Stella, Gunther and Betty said...

Hellooo Maddie! You're one lucky gal to spend some time with Sal and his humans, even if it was for a short time.

Auntie Laura really showed some restraint. Our momma has to also when she meets with people who surrender their pups. She's like to wear some real big butt kicker boots, but then that wouldn't be very ladylike.

Stella, Gunther and Betty

Benny and Lily said...

Maddie sure was lucky to have spent time with you Salinger. I bet you taught her everything she knows. She is adorable. Kudos to mom for the transport.
Benny & Lily

Those Elgin Pugs said...

Hey 'dere Salisbury Steakbutts!!
OOH!! 'Dat sounds good!! Sans 'da Sal Butts!! Hu Hu!!

Yousa Mommy is super cools for transportin' 'dat little miss!!

Mommy fostered a puggie named Maddy too a couple years agos!! Hu Hu's!!

We can teach Maddy err... Madd"ie" how to be Potty Trained!! SNORTS!!
I's is sooooo Potty Trained!!

~Izzy... Josie... why is you moving far aways from me's????~
I's not going to get strucks by lighin'

Hugs Sal Man!!

Anakin Man

agent99 said...

eh hem. dogs are not supposed to pee in the house after spending tim ein the great outdoors, aka, backyard???
Apparently, Foo missed the memo.
So what's mom supposed to do now? cuz our house is a bit......stinky.

We're keepin her, but if we want guests, we'd better do some potty re-training. all suggestions welcome.
THanks to Laura for being a Pug Angel. I am sure Maddi is on her way to a much better fur-eva home.

Gen & the Foo

Yoda & Brutus said...

Your mom should have given them that roundhouse kick! Maddie looks very sweet :) We are glad that she is on her way to finding her new furever home and are sure it won't be long.

Thanks to you and your mom for helping her out!

Pugs & Kisses,

Yoda & Brutus

road-dog-tales said...

That's so totally sweet of you guys! We're sure Maddie will find a good home thanks to you. You guys rock!
BTW, following you from Sat Blog Hop. Excellent blog!
The Road Dogs

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Thank goodness your mama saved Maddie from total destruction!
Poor little thing, I know she was confused too and prob felt so sad.
Now she is getting some love- like she should