Saturday, June 12, 2010

Our VIP Visitor, Part Deux

Ok...we're BACK with day TWO of Stubby's mom's visit!

Michele had read about a really cool place near our house called Flowing Well Park so we took her to check it out...
Mmmm...nice cold artesian well water!!!

We spotted THIS sign that some anti-Pug bureaucrat had to delegate someone to hang up...
ANIMALS??? Who are YOU calling an ANIMAL??????

Good thing mom thought to bring my bowl so I could have a nice slurpy drink!!!

Here's Michele filling up her bottle...

...the taste test....
It's GOOD!!!! Thumbs up!!!

Michele had to hit the road to go see her turtles, so we said goodbye there at the park.
She promised to come back again soon and NEXT time she would bring my buddy Stubby so we could eat some chicken and hang out on the couch together like a couple of lazy PugDudes!

Have fun with your turtles, Michele! We loved having you with us in Indy and you're welcome ANY time!


houndstooth said...

It looks like you had a really fun visit! Did it say anything about not peeing in the well? Just curious!


Benny and Lily said...

Hope you had fun with turtle lady. Well? No drinking from the well! Oh well.
Benny & Lily

Marlene said...

Is the park calling your mom an animal?! Couldn't be us because we are little humans!

Love, Marlene

Puglette said...

that well look great! i remember going to one as a kid, people were always lined up to fill their jugs and take the water home. your visit with stubby's mom looked like so much fun!

Apollo said...

They only said drinking...nothing about swimming! :) I'm so glad you had a good visit with Aunt Michele! She definately needs to come back soon with Stubby!

Kitty+Coco said...

No animals drinking from well? Pugh! I scoff at that statement.
Stubby's mom was cool, but I have to admit we were sure hoping you might get a sibling to really shake things up.

Melissa and Emmitt said...

oh how fun!
we cannot wait to hear about the rest of michel's adventure with her turtles!
m & e