Saturday, June 12, 2010

A VIP visitor!

**Warning...grab a snack, this is a VERRRRY long post and contains a LOT of pics!**

Ok promised, we are going to tell you all about our big mystery guest that stayed here at our house on Wednesday!!!! (Drum roll please).....


Unfortulately, Stubby didn't come with her because he was home sitting on the couch with his dad eating Popeyes and other yummies. Michele was on her way to Georgia for a turtling trip and made a special stop here in Indy on Wednesday so she could hang out with ME and rub my belly!

She brought me some very special cookies! The first was a SUNFLOWER (since I'm an "honorary" Sunflower Sister and all!)
Nom nom nom nom!

The second cookie was a HAMBURGER! (Hey...Michele...aren't you a vegetarian? We're pretty sure that hamburgers once had parents and faces!!!!)
I nommed it up too!

Those two cookies were good...but I had to let Michele know that all people (especially guests) in our house have to share their foodables with me.
Come on.....give it up, lady!

After started reorganizing stuff and then put THESE (banana pupcakes) out....
Hmmmmm....that usually means we're going to have VISITORS!

A little bit later...the doorbell rang, and ALL my puggy friends (and their crazy mamas!) all showed up here at our house!!!!
WHOOHOO! Indy Blogger Party with Michele (and CAKE of course)!!!! Here is a group shot of the peeps....
(click to biggify if you want to see who everyone is!)

Roll call...
Heather blogs for Pugsly and Lola
Laura is MY mom and blogs for ME (Salinger)
Michele is Stubby's mom
Jessica blogs for Lilo
Jami blogs for Apollo
Sarah blogs for Hank and Molly
Stacy Blogs for Brutus and Miley
MISSING from this pic is Julie who blogs for Reggie Wayne, Dallas Clark and Payton Annie Manning. Reggie wasn't feeling well and unfortunately the evening was cut short for the poor little dude.....

Here are some assorted puggy pics of the festivities....

Hank and Michele (he was probably telling her an off color joke!)

Pugsly (my BPF/Life partner) and Lola

Jess and Lilo (notice Lilo wearing her new Punchy dress!! SO pretty!)

Stacy, Kelly and Michele holding me (and showing my dingus!)

Kiss kiss Auntie Jami!

Heather and Diva Lola

Our buddy Reggie Wayne (poor guy...had to leave early, but he's doing just fine now!)

Molly O'Mally looking pretty in pink!

Awwww...Me and Stacy looking A-DORABLE!!!!

Here is the cake that mom made, but we wanted to show Melissa and Emmitt how much mom LOVES her puggy lazy Susan!!!! It's been SO helpful when she's making (and serving!) cakes!!!!

Here's Hank chatting with my Daddy....
He was asking him when the "entertainment" was going to arrive!

Since we hadn't planned on any kind of "exotic entertainment" for decided to be a good sport and give Hank his money's worth!
Photobucket got a WHOLE dollar just for shaking it for Hank!

The dollar was a good thing...but then Hank decided that he wanted to see more booty dancing!
He's saying "HAAAIL no! I don't wanna go....I wanna stay here with the DAINCIN' GIRL!"

Shortly after that, all my friends went home (with their crazy peeps!) and Dad, Michele and Mom stayed up late and being loud watching the Blackhawks WIN the STANLEY CUP!
Way to go 'Hawks!!!!!!
(Mom must clarify that she's first and foremost a Red Wings fan...but then after that, she will always root for an Original Six team to win the cup).

Ok...enough fun and excitement for ONE evening....stay tuned for more fun with Michele in a part 2 bloggie tomorrow!!!


Those Elgin Pugs said...



Yousa alls looked like yous had a fabulous times!!

What a good looking bunches of ladies!!!!!

(Yes, you too Sal) hee hee

Those snacky snacks looked good too! YUMMY!!

Glad yous got to see Michele!!

She's a GREAT ladys!!

MmmmmmMOI SMACK!!!

Josie, Izzy &
Anakin Man

Wilma said...

Wowzers Sal,
What an awesome, fantabulous cool surprise.That party must have been the bomb. All those great famous pugs and their people. Now that I know what all the people look like and I can see their eyes, I know that I could totally control them with my mind. Come to think of it, all pug people I have ever met are able to be controlled by me. Hmmm. I see your Mom is really celebrating the Sunflower Club, she even has Sunflower place mats! Those cookies looked darn good too. I can hardly wait to hear about what happened in part 2 of Michelle's trip. Hey, does Stubby know about this whole thing? He's gonna be pretty bummed when he finds out what he missed. Thanks for sharing all the pictures, and I'm glad you had all that fun.

Later, Sunflower Sister,Wilma

Punchbugpug said...

Thanks SO much for sharing your fun get-together!!!! What fun you all had! Can't wait to see part 2!

dw said...

What a fabulous time you all had!!! Thanks for sharing such great pics of everyone! Looks like all the puggies got lots of attention (and treats). And so nice to see so much Blackhawk gear in the house!!!!! W00T!!! I guess if yous all couldn't be in Chicago watching, at least yous were watching the Hawks and their very strange championship winning goal!! Glad you had such a great visit with all your friends, Salinger!

Hank said...

Laura, honey.....notice I ain't callin' you "Aunt" no more. After that daincin', I got feelins fer you no fella should have fer his AUNT!

Now I gotta go have some, uh, "alone time".

houndstooth said...

I am just drooling with envy! I would do just about anything to have a greyhound party here! You just live the coolest life ever!


P.S. Nobody gave you a dollar for showing your dinghus? How wrong is that?!

Sequoia & Petunia said...

It looked like so much fun!!!!! We can't wait for part two :)

Puglette said...

i want to move to indy!!!! you guys always have the coolest parties! your mom is the nicest hostess, serving cake and pupcakes! i am definitely going to indy someday!

Benny and Lily said...

OH my goodness..what great pictures...snacks, pats, tummy rubs..Great pictures
Benny & Lily

Tweedles -- that's me said...

this was one huge party. How cool for everyone to get together, and then- the awsomeness of Stubbys mom coming by.
That was just terrific and looks to me like everyone had a swell time

Apollo said...

My Mommy said she had a BLAST with all my friends' Moms! And she said being able to hang-out with Stubby's Mom in person was really fun. At first I was miffed that Mommy cheated on me...but then I remembered it was with Sal - so it was just like being with a girl friend. I sure wish I could've had a bite of that AYFKM cake...sure looked good. Mommy was laughingly telling Daddy something about a movie called "Catwoman?" I don't know Sal. I think next time my Mommy needs to make sure I come along...can't let her go to your house unsupervised anymore.

Melissa and Emmitt said...

oh my gosh!
what a fabulous party!
emmitt and i so widh we could have come!
we are sooooo happy you like your lazy susan!
your cake is amazing laura!
m & e