Tuesday, June 8, 2010

BillyBob Teef Tuesday!

(Cue banjo music.....)
HEY FOLKS...This here is Salinger BillyBob T. Pug!! Maw says she's busier than a one legged man in an ass-kicking contest for the next few days, so everyone just needs to hold their britches on until we can put come thoughts and pitchers together to blog about all this hootenanny that went down over the weekend!!!

Aw crap...maw just told me to cut the jackassery...we've got stuff to do today to prepare for a very special visitor that's coming tomorrow!!!! Stay tuned!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

**Mom's note** No worries...I'm deprogramming Salinger as I type this. Repeat after me...THE RAAAIN IN SPAAAAIN FALLS MAINLY ON THE PLAAAAIN!!!!!


Lilo, The Great Rock Eater said...

Lovin' the teeth Sal!!! Can't wait to come hang out tomorrow and see the special guest!!!



Wilma said...

That's you Sal? I thought it might be one of your cousins' brothers' mothers' boys.
All kidding aside, you look freaki' hilarious!!

Punchbugpug said...

Sal, we thought you took better care of your teef than that!

Pearl said...


That just made my day, Sal!

I would also like to start using the phrase 'busier than a one-legged man in an ass kicking contest'. And you can hang onto 'sweet Christ on a cracker'.


Those Elgin Pugs said...


Sal yous look Ehem...Ummmm....wells...



Josie, Izzy and Anakin Man

Pearl and Daisy said...

Hahaha!!! You could be on that new show "Justified" we've been watching! You should try out for a part.

Pug love from,
Pearl & Daisy

Stubby said...

Hey Sal! I must say those toofuses look prudy good on ya! Just kidding dude - get them the heck out of your mouth!

There's always so much jackassery going on over at your place that a one-legged man wouldn't stand a chance! Can't wait to read all about the special visitor!

Stubby xoxo

Kitty+Coco said...

Hardy har har, Sal. Always the BillyBob from the South teeth! It is kind of funny though. Yehaw.
On to the more important stuff...I NEED to know what all of this mystery business is about. Can't wait for tomorrow.
Big sighs (Kitty), and Snorts (Coco)

Sequoia & Petunia said...

Ahhh!! We agree with Wilma :)

Stella, Gunther and Betty said...

What the hail?! Who's coming? Is it Hanklin? Pugsley? Is he getting a new sibling? WHAT?! Why ya gotta make us wait like that? Tease.

Stella, Gunther and Betty

Hank said...

Sal, buddy.....ya got a extra set o' them teeth I could borrow? I'm missin' a few, ya know.

Pee S: I don't see nothin' wrong with talkin' like that!!! Harrumph!

houndstooth said...

Salinger! That may be your funniest picture yet, but it's hard to say for sure! I can't wait to see what the surprise is! Is it a new puppy? A car? Are you going on a trip around the world?


Scout 'n Freyja said...

Ooooo, those toofies sure look icky! Good thing they aren't real - or - are they☺

Tweedles -- that's me said...

what toothpaste is your mouth advertising?
i cannot wait to see who is coming

Apollo said...

Ew Sal - I don't think Pugsley will go for that. Oh - you're dressing up as the son of brother and sister parents? My Mom said she's excited about seeing the special guest tonight.

Dana Orsborn said...

Hi Salinger!

Those are some crazy teeth!
Daisy and I hope you are having
a great week!

-Dana & Daisy

Melissa and Emmitt said...

LOL Salinger!
you always make me smile!
love the teeth!
you look like the smiling pug is just posted on my bloggy today.

life is art! :)

m & e