Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mom's birthday weekend!

**Warning** long post. Grab a snack and get comfortable!

So I was ALLLL excited because Mom turned 40 this weekend and I figured I could spend all day in her lap giving birthday kisses and sharing cake with her. WRONG!

The Peeps went on some kind of "surprise mystery trip" (according to dad) and I stayed at Little Rascals (which was fun...but whatevs). Since the peeps ditched me, Lloyd and Gail decided to help me have my OWN birthday party with their pugs Rocky and Daisy! Check us out partying like rock stars!

I'm in the back (I refused to wear the hat!) and that's Rocky and Daisy in the front with the stuffed 40 autograph dog that Lloyd and Gail got for mom too!

WHOOHOO! What a PARTY!!!!!

Lloyd and Gail even got mom this COOL card for me to give to her!!!

They even got mom FLOWERS to go with the nice card and autograph dog!

HAHAHAA...the dog says "in dog years I'm DEAD!"
THANK YOU Lloyd and Gail!!!! Mom's eyes got all leaky with all of this!

SO...Mom missed her own party that I had for her with my Little Rascals friends SO yesterday after she picked me up....I gave her the "brown eye" treatment all day!

That ought to fix her!

Mom has been yacking about what a FAAABULOUS time she had all weekend so I guess I can let her share some of her pics. Please note no pugs ANYWHERE....

SURPRISE!!! Dad and Aunt Susan arranged a SURPRISE party for mom with all of her old school friends!!!! Again...note the blatant lack of PUGS.

Aunt Susan, Uncle Tom, Olivia and Elyse were there!

Kyle and Bob were there!

The Lustig Family was there!

The Calleja Family was there!

The Hughes family was there!

And one of mom's bestest high school friends (that she hasn't SEEN since then) FLEW IN FROM ATLANTA!

It's mom and Lisa!!!

There was a LOT of laughing.....

(note, NO PUGS)

and silliness....

(Team Estrogen....SANS PUG!)

lots of great catching up with old friends...

(Team Sausage...SANS PUG!)

helpful and age appropriate gifts...

(hmmm...STILL no pug)

and of course...CAKE!

With LOTS of frosting...

Ok...maybe TOO MUCH frosting....

Birthday snuggles from Holden and daddy...

and THESE...after a trip to Windsor, Canada!

The elusive red Team Canada Olympic mittens!

Mom wants to say THANK YOU to Daddy and Aunt Susan for planning the whole weekend and making it the BEST birthday ever!

So mom had a great birthday weekend....I had fun at Little Rascals....but I'm still going to be sticking with the Brown Eye treatment for a little while longer!

Happy Tuesday everone!


Martha and Bailey said...

Yes, that looked like a fun time for your mom.
She is looking very happy and everyone had a great time but come on, where is the pug?
These humans don't get it - they can't have a party without a pug....or two!
We were pleased to see you had your own!
Martha & bailey xxx

Puglette said...

happy birthday, mom!
salinger, the brown eye treatment is a fun way of showing displeasure. but you did get to have a party, and mom's home with you now. so let's see some of that beautiful face!

Benny and Lily said...

Good job giving mom the brown eye treatment. It usually works. Forget mom, you guys look like you had a great pawty without her. She missed out huh? Hope you still gave her lots of birthday licks. happy Birthday
Benny & Lily

Page said...

Happy birthday to your mom!! Sal, tell your mom she doesn't look anywhere near 40! She could have said she was turning 30 and I would have believed it!!

Melissa and Emmitt said...

happy happy birthday laura!
what a fabulous weekend!

you have the coolest family ever~

salinger - you crack me up... brown eye treatment. hahahahaha

Aniemother said...

That does sound like fun (for those allowed to join in). But your mom didn't go to school with ANY pugs? OMD..


Hank said...

Sal, buddy....good job givin' the OLD ;) bird the stink eye. Er, brown eye. Whutever - either's appropriate.

Lloyd an' Gail sure are nice folks, huh?

Yeah, that human party looks okay but no pugs, PBR or dancin' girls??? Hail, why bother?!

Sequoia & Petunia said...

BOL we love the brown eye treatment...but you should check your tooty on that last pic...hehe.

Happy birfdays to your Momma!

houndstooth said...

I don't know how the party could have been fun with no pugs around, but your mom sure looks like she's enjoying herself! Happy Birthday to your mom from us!


houndstooth said...

I don't know how the party could have been fun with no pugs around, but your mom sure looks like she's enjoying herself! Happy Birthday to your mom from us!


Stubby said...

Salinger dude - I can't believe your peeps didn't take you to the party. What is up with them? You are your mom's little baby, the third most important dude in her life and you weren't there for her big day. Stink eye for a month!

Stubby xoxo

Sonic said...

That looks like an awesome party and your momma must've had a great time. But you're right... where are all the pugs?

I know it's wrong to ditch you, but it's your momma's b'day, so you can forgive her just this once. So yeah, no more brown eye, ya?

But then again, I would cry too if it happened to me.


Tweedles -- that's me said...

That looked like a swell party!
YUMMY looking cake almost fit in moms mouth- and no mess!
Happy Birthday to mom.
I will have to try the brown eye treatment- i have never done it before,.

Stella, Gunther and Betty said...

Well hoodie hoooo! Look who got to parteee all weekend. Does your better half know what you were up to Sal?

Don't worry bud. Your secret is totally safe with me. As long as your mom's butter cream topped pup cakes make it here by the end of the week. What? She offered!

Oh, and righteous brown eye. Like I've said before, you just need to eat some broccoli to make it nice and stinky.

Gunther Man

PugMoon - with, Bandit, Paisley, & Smokey pugs and their Mom Paula - PAPugMom said...

Salinger, you have a very cute pugmoon.......lol. Brown eye treatment.....lol.

Happy Belated Birthday Salinger's Mom! Looks like you had a fabulous time.

The Devil Dog said...

Happy Birthday mom! Sorry you were left out, Salinger. That's a bummer. But it looks like your mom had an awesome party.


Apollo said...

Looks like your Mom had a great time! Your Dad and Aunt Susan did do a great job! (Was that a Russ's Restaurant?) Love the mittens!

Don't be too bummed that you missed out on the party. Adults need to have adult parties once in a while. And you didn't have to be subjected to the gross anti-diarrhea kit. Haha!

Pearl said...

1. HAPPY 40th to your gorgeous Momma!

2. I am currently pawing some paperwork to send to Lloyd and Gail, requesting that they adopt me.

Anonymous said...

Hahah the brown eye treatment. You are totally awesome Salinger!!

It looks like your mom had a ton of fun sans pug but i bet she will have even more fun with the pug. :)

mmmm... cupcakes and frosting...mmmm

Yoda & Brutus said...

Wow, looks like your mom had a great birthday weekend. You know it would have been better if you there! Those cupcakes look yummy - no such thing as too much icing :)

Pugs & Kisses,

Yoda & Brutus

Twinkietinydog said...

I did note the lack of pugs that justified the last shot. Happy birthday to your momma. I hope she loves her thoughtful singing card.

Harry Pugalicious said...

Salinger, it looks like your Mom managed to have lots of the fun even withouts you. You's just lucky that you has such a fun place to stay when your humans abandon you.

Happy Birthday to your Mom and nice use of the Brown Eye treatment!

Arlo the Pug said...

Happy Birthday, Laura! Sorry it's so late. It looks like you had a lot of fun and remember 40 is the new 30! Bol. Love, Arlo.