Sunday, March 14, 2010

A very special Puggy Road Trip!

Happy Sunday everyone!!!

Mom had a very cool experience yesterday. She did her FIRST Pug transport and helped 4 darling puppy-mill puggies from Kentucky get to their destination of Vermont to live with some nice foster families (and eventually forever homes!) with Green Mountain Pug Rescue!

Mom drove Leg 2 (out of 15!) to get the sweet puggers started on their long trip to Vermont! Here are a few pics...

Mom *THINKS* this is Amy Pug.

She was a MAJOR wiggleworm and wiggled out of her harness and ran butt-nekkid through the McDonalds parking lot!

Amy had what could have been a twin sister named Carly Pug (mom can't remember which was which!). She was a bit less wiggly...maybe downgraded to "squirley" is rockin the sexy "just rolled out of bed" look. Eeesh.

This poor guy is Rico ( in Suave!)Pug.

He grunted a lot and seemed kind of irritated with the whole deal (who could blame him really?). He was missing the hair on his tail and bottom and seemed almost relieved for a nice road trip to a much better life!

This little sweetie is Dustin Pug. Mom almost "hijacked" the transport back to our house because of this guy.

His crate was in the front seat and he sat waaay over against the edge next to mom and stared at her with his tail wagging for the WHOLE this...

She drove with one hand in between the bars and gave him ear and chin scratchies the whole way.

Mom met a nice lady named Myla from Terre Haute and Amy and her husband from KPR and got them all ready to go....

A quick harness change....

All loaded up and ready to go!

Don't worry...we didn't forget the road trip snacks!

The puggers were safely delivered to a nice lady named Marie in Richmond, IN and we understand they are almost at their final destination in Vermont this afternoon!

When Mom got home....she smelled funny and I could TOTALLY tell she had been CHEATING on me (again!)

I'll let it slide this time since it was for the good of PugKind!!!!

Enjoy your journey Amy, Carly, Dustin and Rico! Mom says she's glad she got to share a little bit of time and love with you yesterday!

Happy Sunday!


dw said...

Awww what cute little puggers!! And you did a wonderful thing for pugkind, so yes, Salinger should let you off the hook for the "other pug" smells on your clothes.

houndstooth said...

Mom and Dad sometimes drive other greyhounds to help get to their forever homes. I've never been able to go with them on these journeys, but I hear they're quite exciting! Mom said Amy might have gotten lost accidentally in our van at the drop off.


P.S. Mom also said these things always seem to be at the butt crack of dawn when nobody wants to be photographed!

Benny and Lily said... is a good lady for helping all those puggies. Now thats a road trip! Have fun
Benny & Lily

Sequoia & Petunia said...

OMD Dustin has the best eyes and Rico is such a sweetie pie!!! We wants to thanks your Mom for doing the driving for the pugs. Every little step makes a HUGE difference!

Page said...

awwww...makes me want another pug. and you know how certain pugs just strike you...carly has that look that makes me want to take her HOME. good for you for helping puggykind!

Becky said...

What a nice thing for your Mom to do. MAny thanks to her and the others for getting them on the way to their future furever homes at the rescue.

BRUTUS said...

Hope they all live happily ever after! How great that you mom could help them along their journey. My mo just signed up to help with transport for FBRN, so hopefully she'll be driving some Frenchies around soon!

Brutus the Frenchie

Hank said...

Dang! That poor ol' Rico looks road hard an' hung up wet tuh dry!!!

Hope the little guy settles in tuh his foster home soon.

Thanks, Aunt Laura, fer givin' these kids a lift!

Puglette said...

hooray for mom!! and hooray for pugkind too!! what a wonderful thing to do. i would totally want to take them all home. big, big hugs to mom and everyone else!

Arlo the Pug said...

Aww! That is so nice of your mom to help poor little puggies in need. Bless your hearts and the little puggie's too! you guys are awesome. Love, Arlo.

Stella, Gunther and Betty said...

Awwww Sal, we're uber proud of your mom. It brings a tear to mom's eye thinkin' about those precious babies livin' in a puppy mill. Thank Pugness they made their way out and on to a better life. Your mom rocks!

Now do her a favor and don't snarf her pant legs into your schnoz.

Loves ya,

karen said...

On behalf of all of us at Green Mtn Pug rescue- thanks for helping get these precious babes out to us. We can't do this without all the dedicated volunteers!!

much pug love!!


Apollo said...

What a great job your Mom did! And it's not cheating when you're helping save lives. :)

Pee.S. My Mommy said she would have hijacked Dustin too!

Pearl said...

Oh Sal, what a bunch of cuties! Bless your sweet Mom for transporting them!

My momma always thinks the hardest part about transporting is that she doesn't get enough time to snuggle the puggies! She always wants to pull over and just love on them!

PugMoon - with, Bandit, Paisley, & Smokey pugs and their Mom Paula - PAPugMom said...


Your Mommy cheated on your for the best reason ever, helping those puppymill puggies get to their safe forever homes. How awesome! I was been looking at lots of the pictures and videos of them on FB, wish I could have one of the little cuties myself.

Twinkietinydog said...

Congratulations on the FIRST transport!!! We love you and we thank you for doing that :) The video was hilarious. Sounds like your mom has tendencies similar to mine, Salinger. One of these days she'll be bringing home one of the transports...

Melissa and Emmitt said...

oh laura!
this is so wonderful! i have goosebumps reading your post!
what sweet puggies you helped to their new forever homes.
you saved them!
m & e

Stubby said...

Hey Sal! Maybe next time you can go with your mom on a transport. That way it won't really be like cheating on you since you'll be there.

Your mom is the only chick around that can rock that just rolled out of bed look. I place a bag over my mom's head when she tries to leave the house after rolling out of bed. Sheesh!

Stubby xoxo

agent99 said...

Ah Sal, don't be jealous. my mom would have totally snatch the little guy Dustin! Now you've got mom all to yourself. BTW, what's gonna happen after the big nuptuals? Won't mom be lonely if you with your pugsband more often?

Gen & the Foo

Diane said...

Look at all the adorable little puggies! What fun!! I can see Mom knows how to travel (with a bag of treats!)

Dana Orsborn said...

It looks like you had your hands
full with this trip! The pugs are
all so cute!

Penny and I hope you have a great

-Dana & Penny