Thursday, November 12, 2009

Workin' for The Man

Ok, so it wasn't exactly "The Man"....but it WAS for KPR (Kentuckiana Pug Rescue)!
My buddy Hank and I teamed up (with our goofball moms) and worked the Indianapolis Christmas Gift and Hobby show yesterday to raise awareness and $$$ to help all of the KPR puggies!
Here we are...ready for action!!! Hank is in the front and I'm in the back.

All we had to do was look adorable and wear this little apron/smock things with pockets that said "DONATION PUG" so people could "tuck a buck" as we were walking around or just sitting back near our booth. Annie did SUCH a nice job making those!!!
Mom put me in my plaid Christmas tie (made by PUNCHY!) and was surprised to see how well it matched the donation smock!

Here are our first mean KIND DONORS! It's Heather and Justin (My BPF Pugsley and Lola's mom and bro!)Photobucket
They got me started with some scratch for my pockets! THANKS guys!

Hank looked for donations (and food) in some unconventional places...

I charmed the diapers off this cute little baby!
I think he's going to be a Pug fan for LIFE!

Hank and I took a little break and hung out in the PugPen so the moms could chow down...
A few people even asked if WE were up for adoption!!! Mom and Aunt Sarah were HORRIFIED at the thought and quickly directed people to the book that had the list of adoptable Puggies.

As payment for our hard work...Mom fed Hank and I a HOT DOG from the concession stand! YUMMY!!!!

It was a big fat hot dog, so I didn't mind sharing with my pal, Hank!
"Sorry Hank, they don't serve PBR to go with that dawg!"

Nom nom nom nom nom!

Don't worry....if you can't make it to Indy to get to the Gift and Hobby can STILL help the puggies of KPR!!! Click THIS LINK to donate!!!


Stubby said...

Of course people wanted to adopt you guys. Who doesn't want a handsome pug in a Christmas smock?

Great job getting donations Salinger. I would've helped if I lived in Indy because I will do anything for a hot dog. Nom, nom, nom!

Stubby xoxo

Pearl said...

The 'donation pug' smocks are TOO cute! I would have forked over every penny in my purse to you cutie pies!!

I am not surprised that people tried to adopt you two! I hope they looked through the books and maybe found another loveable puggie they liked... wouldn't it be nice if all of our friends had homes for the holidays?

Thanks for all the work you guys do!!!

Nevis said...

Awww...Salinger & Hank, you guys looked great in your smocks. They were like highlander kilts.

There can be only one!

Sequoia & Petunia said...

Salinger it looked like you two worked your tails off and helped so much for those other puggies. We are happy to see you got paid in hot dogs, yum!

Pug(s) and Bugg said...

WOW that tie and pouch match perfectly... Salinger perfectly coordinated... shocking!

agent99 said...

Looks like you guys did an awesome job raising money for the buggies.. he, he, Kilts....

Love, Gen & the Foo

Benny and Lily said...

Well it looks like a success. You guys are adorable.
Benny & Lily

Hank said...

Sal, buddy.....yep, safe tuh say we got it goin' on. Heck, mom took me out tuh drain the main vein an' some chick saw me an' yelled "Hi, Hank!".

Oh, yea.....tell yer mom my leash is in the worsher.

Murphy Dogg said...

Hey Sal,
At first I thought you guys were wearing kilts. Pugs in Kilts, that would be a great band name.
Anyway, great job helping raise $$.
Murphy Doggs
P.S. Did you feel a little bit like strippers? Having people "tuck a buck" into your flashy aprons?

Anonymous said...

What???? No PBR with your dog? That is like a travesty.. although we don't have that here.. it would be like bud or my new fav budlight lime. I'm a girl so it's ok for me to drink girly beers. lol

Good job on the fundraising!!

Scout 'n Freyja said...

You are such hard workers and if we might say - furry good lookin' in those volunteer outfits - WOO-HOO!

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi salinger!
oh you and hank look fabulous!

i know you both brought in lots of donations and awareness for needy puggies!

kpr is so lucky to have the two of you and your moms!

m & e