Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thursday thievery

Hi everyone!

It's cold and rainy here in Indy today and mom is being all boring and WORKING (the NERVE!). She put the Game Show Network on for me and made me a "puggy nest" on the couch with Holden's sleeping bag, but I wasn't feeling I decided to wait until she got up and her headband slipped off her head and STEAL IT!


See....I make it impossible for her to resist playing with me!

Happy Thursday everyone!


Pearl said...

You are just so cute, I can't even stand it!!!

Last night, mom set her dinner on the coffee table and went in the kitchen to get a napkin (duh stupid!) and I totally snagged all of her broccoli.

Isn't it fun to watch our mom's freak out!?

Aniemother said...

You're such a silly boy!

On the other hand I decided the nice new bed COULD be a stuffie and in my happiness of being home I may have somehow contributed to the sudden appearance of a hole in it.. Uh oh..


Arlo the Pug said...

What is it with moms working all the time? I know mine has been. When mine isn't looking, I usually go look in the trash for some fun paper to shred. hehe.

martha said...

Good for you Salinger!! You're a wonderful example of pug thievery in action! I hope you taught your mom a lesson. And that lesson is for her never, ever try to work again when it's at YOUR expense!

Anonymous said...

Little silly pug... it´s your mommy´s fault... she should know that she has to play and cuddle with you, not work all day!!

dw said...

Salinger, dude! I was totally enjoying that video of you! Your mom is quite silly if she thinks you were just going to GIVE it back to her. Nope!

Puglette said...

you kept shaking your head "no, no, no" but your mom just didn't seem to understand. that headband was now yours. finders keepers!!

Stubby said...

Silly Salinger! Headbands and underwear - what is wrong with you?

You crack me up dude. You will do anything to get your mom to play with you.

Stubby xoxo

Harry Pugalicious said...

I stoles a ginger snap today!

You sure you didn't want your Mom's headband to put your makeup on ;-)


Benny and Lily said...

BOL...BOL...Go Salinger run from mom..You are funny
Benny & Lily

agent99 said...

S-dog, you dawg! That video was pretty funny!

Gen & the Foo

Tweedles -- that's me said...

My motto is
"ya gotta do what you gotta do- to get attention."
Even if it means stealing stuff.

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi salinger!
oh what a playful puggy you are!
i LOVE seeing your videos! i would not be getting any work done with you there to play with!

m & e

Nevis said...

You're SO adorable, Salinger!

Oakley and Swisher said...

It's sooo sounded like your mom was having as much fun playing as you were S-dog. And she thought she wanted to do some work stuff, how could she when there's playing needing to be done! Keep up the fun distractions.

Lots of licks--
Oak and Swish