Monday, September 7, 2009

September Meetup

Hi everyone! I have a LOT of pics from our monthly meetup on Saturday, but mom and I had a long "editors meeting" and we chose the best of the best to share here with you. The weather was PERFECT on Saturday morning, sunny and in the low 70's and just right for pugs!

First I am with Sarah (Hank and Molly's mom).
I've been rather anti-social around her the last few times I've seen her and I showed her some love because I didn't want to give her some kind of complex.

Daddy and Dixie Bugg

Here's mom trying to pose me with our friends/neighbors Dallas Clark and Reggie Wayne (get it Colts fans? ;-)
It didn't work and mom fell on her butt as soon as this pic was snapped! HAHA!

She picked up Dallas Clark to get a close up of his cute face...
He's a PUG-ZU (part Pug, part ShihTzu!)

Here I am posing with a new friend...HARRY!
His middle name wasn't Pugalicious like our blogger buddy Harry Pugalicious, but we wanted to get a pic for him so he can see his Indy Name Twin!
Hi Harry!

Here's another feeble attempt at the PugMoms trying to pose us...
That's mom and I with Cindy, Yoda and Brutus (from The Pugs Strike Back)

Of course mom had to get her pic with her (unofficial) favorite member of The Pug Posse...PIPPIN!!!
Pippin's mom said that she had to tighten his harness a bit, so he's losing a bit of his "fluffiness", but he's still uber-snuggly!

Here I am taking a break with Daddy....
He was making his bulldog tattoo bark at me. Hahahaha!

Silly Daddy!

Here are Hank and Molly O'Mally (from I Tell You What)
Molly is doing MUCH better after her bladder surgery last month!

Here's Kelly J. with Harles
We understand Harles was being a bit "bitey face", so he was sitting in "Puggy time-out"

Here's a zoom out shot of some of the moms just hanging out and laughing (they do a LOT of that at our Meetups!)
That's me with mom and then Cindy in the front and Sarah in the back with Hank and Molly.

Speaking of Hank.....he moved to the other side of the table and PLOPPED down and HALF OF HIS BUTT wasn't even on the table!!! Jess (Lilo's mom) caught him and held his butt for him so he wouldn't fall off!
Jess was also nice enough to do the same for mom when her clutzy butt almost fell off the picnic table too!
Thanks Jess! You saved us a trip to the ER! Hahahaha!

Daddy was giving out yummy treats to anyPug that asked for one...
I sat up on the table and made sure the whole treat giving operation remained calm and orderly. You know how starving Pugs are!

Here's the obligatory Indy Bloggers shot!!!! We were missing a few, but the others were with us in spirit!
Down in the very front is Jami who writes for Apollo
2nd row is
Bill (sitting in for Julie) who writes for Reggie Wayne and Dallas Clark
Jessica who writes for Lilo
Cindy who writes for Brutus and Yoda
Kelly who writes for Sophie, Dixie Bugg and Harles
Back row is
MY mom (who writes for ME...Salinger)
Sarah who writes for Hank and Molly
Vikki who writes for The Pug Posse (Bernice, Jasmine, Pippin, Eli, Ernie, Eddie and Gus)

As great to see all of you!

Happy Labor Day everyone! We hope you celebrate this day PugStyle by doing NO labor at all!!!


Sequoia & Petunia said...

Wow you have such a fun meet up group! Looks like you did a great job supervising the treat giving from the tables!

Pugsley and Lola said...

We sure did miss seeing everyone!!! We wanted to bring mom and celebrate her birthday at meetup, but she had to work:( We will be able to go in October.

Pugsley & Lola

P.S.: I love you man!! (Pugsley)

Benson and Lily said...

Hey Salinger check out our blog, we tagged you with an award
Benny and Lily

Harry Pugalicious said...

That looks like so much funs! Salinger, that was really good of you to watch over the treat dispensing! You must be king Pug at these events!

Harry Pugalicious said...

Oh, and thanks for the picture of Harry. I hopes it's not confusing when I come up and there are TWO of us.

Pug(s) and Bugg said...

Harles being a biteyface? Psh...never. LOL! Great pics!

Oakley and Swisher said...

PAWesome, that looks like you guys had sooo much fun at your pug meet up.

Lots of Licks--
Oak and Swish

Pearl said...

Another great Indy meetup!! I can't get over how many pug bloggers you guys have!!

Nevis said...

Such a cute post! Look at all the adorable puggies!!! Looks like so much fun. I wish we had something like that here!

Lilo, The Great Rock Eater said...

I had such a good time at meet up, as always!! It was nice of the momma to be so helpful. We don't want to see your momma or Hank end up in the emergency room!!! That would have been no fun =( Can't wait til next time!!!


Hank said...

Sal, buddy.....yer mom got some great pics there. And that Lilo's mom is a real lifesaver, huh?!

Speakin' o' moms....I coulda swore I heard mine say somethin' 'bout bringin' cheese just fer YOU at the next meetup. Whut's up with that, bud???

Cocorue said...

hello little man with 4 are one cuuuuuuuute little one

just wanted to be friends since i last saw you on our mutual friends' blogs