Sunday, March 15, 2009

March In The Pugs 2009!

We had so much fun at the Kentuckiana Pug Rescue event here in Indy yesterday called March In The Pugs!
Mom and I sold raffle tickets with Pugsley and Heather and we hope KPR made a wad of cash to help out our puggy friends that need it!

We don't have any kind of creative story to tell, so we're just going to post pics from our fun day! Enjoy!
Here is Heather from "Say It, Don't Spray It!" with Pippin

Mom with Pippin

Here is Lilo, the retired Hooters girl and the NEWEST INDY BLOGGER!!! Please go check out her brand spankin' new blog, Tales of the Great Rock Eater!!! Her mom and dad Jessica and Ryan are very cool!

This Bulldog named Reggie came to the event with a PUG COSTUME on! HAHAHA!

Pippin and his mom Vikki won the shedding contest PAWS DOWN! Look at that pile of fur!!!

Sir Harles getting ready for his turn in the costume contest (Dixie Bugg and Sophie were elsewhere...probably being glamorous for the other paparazzi)

This PIRATE FAMILY tied with Pugs and Bugg for first place in the group costume contest!!!! It's hard to see, but the little pugs were dressed as a mermaid and a pirate!

Pugsley was the cutest lion ever!

Here is my Will with Jasmine

Melissa and Emmitt were so generous and donated a few of their Pug prints to be included in the raffe! Here are one of them waiting for their new owner! Mom noticed the bags holding the raffle tickets for those baskets with Melissa's prints were VERY full!! THANK YOU MELISSA AND EMMITT!

I think the highlight of the day was probably the KISSING CONTEST! Mom and Heather decided to trade Pugs since Pugsley and I are "kissier" with people other than our own moms.....Here we are getting ready..........SET........KISS!

Mom said she really doesn't want to talk about what happened here.........(LOL!) She said she got carried away in the spirit of the competition.
Mom thinks that Eli and Vikki from Pug Posse took first...but she was too traumatized to hear the announcer clearly.

Photobucket and Pugsley won THIRD place and a cool prize bag!

Ummmm...ok Pugsley...the competition is over......time to shut it down!

We had such a fun day and were so happy to help with such a great cause! We can't wait for the next one!!!


Rachel said...

ohmigosh - that looks like too much fun!! We're so jealous of the Indy bloggers *almost* makes us want to move to the midwest.....*almost*

KibitzKnitz said...

You are the Gene Simmons of Pug-Mamas!! Looks like it was a great time for a great cause!


oh, and the verification word below?

crablys needs an ' somewhere in there...

Neas Nuttiness said...

It looks like you had a great time.

I wish that we had events like this where I live. My puggy George, and I, would love to meet up with other pugs and their moms and dads!

Harry Pugalicious said...

OMP!!! That looks like so much fun! That bulldog dressed like a pug was hilarious!

Tweedles -- that's me... said...

Thank you for sharring this wonderful "LOVE STORY". It makes my and my moms so happy to see people who care so much and give so much to help Pug Rescues. So generous of everyone to offer their gifts of their time, and also those who donated their art. I know everyone would want those art prints from Melissa and Emmitt. All the doggies were precious- and that lion suit- how adorable! thank you again for having a BIG HEART.

Totally Timmy said...

Looks like great fun..except for the kissing contest..ewwwww

Rosie said...

That looks like so much fun and Puglsey in that lion costume is adorable. I wish we had a fun event like that in the east. Also, that was great that Melissa and Emmitt donated a print - that is a great prize. I hope you raised tons of $$$ for the puggies.

Bev & Bailey said...

What a wonderful day! Thanks, Salinger for starting my week off right!

Melissa and Emmitt said...

oh what a fabulous day and party!

emmitt and i wish we could have gone, but with your wonderful post and pictures we feel like we were there.
melissa and emmitt

Anonymous said...

Oh wow that looks like so much fun!!

The Devil Dog said...

That looks like so much fun. Mom wishes she were closer, so she could join you guys.


SassyDog said...

Looks like ya'll had a super fun day! Loved all tthe costumes! ANd all for such a great cause, Pug Rescue. Good job, Salinger and all the others who participated.

Liss said...

Oh this looks like so much fun. I love KPR. I'm hoping we'll get to go next year.