Thursday, March 19, 2009

Cheeto trick....FAIL

Greetings everyone!
I, the amazing Salinger (yeah, and my dolty assistant MOM), will show you how NOT to do a trick!

See Daddy with his baked Cheetos?

I'll sit nicely for them...or shake, high five...whatever...

ANYTHING for Cheetos!!!


Mommy stuck a Cheeto in her mouth and tried to get me to take it

I was being turdley and just ignored her. I don't know WHAT she was thinking with all this jackassery.....I don't have time for this crap!

HEY...there goes Daddy with the Cheeto bag!
BYE MOM! Good luck with that trick! Maybe some other sap will come along and want that bogarted Cheeto!


Pugsley said...

AHH Salinger-

You are funny!! I sure wish my mom would give me cheetos:( I guess I will have to come visit your house to get some:)

Hope we can play soon!!!

Neas Nuttiness said...

No respecting pugster would want to eat a pre-mouthed Cheetos! What was your dolty mom think'n?

The Devil Dog said...

Salinger, I would have grabbed it out of your mom's mouth. Heck, even Lucky would have grabbed it out of your mom's mouth. Don't be so fussy, dude.


Stacy/Brutus said...

oh Salinger! I am a fan of the baked lays myself!

Tweedles -- that's me... said...

Salinger - are you picky or are you just being polite?
I will grab anything out of anyones mouth- half eaten or not- and then run as fast as I can with it!


Apollo-of the Greek God's Pug said...

Hi Salinger,

I don't know what cheetos taste like, but as long as it was food I would go for it. My Mommy said she wouldn't do that with me, because I'd end up knocking her over with eager and getting slober in her nose. Maybe I should come to your house. I think your Mommy would like that based on that Kissing Contest.


Totally Timmy said...

I quess that is kinnda like double dipping..but Timmy would have taken it from your mouth in a flash! Check out my blog for pics of a cute pug!

Pearl said...

HAHAHA Salinger, we know where your Momma's mouth was at March In The Pugs.... I'd run too.

Rosie said...

HAHAHA - I would of ate it because I eat anything.
But, I can see your point that your mom must have gotten all the cheese on her bogarted end of the cheeto thereby diminishing the cheesiest value of the cheeto (what???).

Lex said...

Hahaha silly mom and all her jackassery! I love that word!

Gus will come over and take your cheeto mom, no worries! He may take a lip too.. lol

Mmmmm baked cheetos...

Murphy Dogg said...

Dude! I LOVE Cheetos!
Murphy Dogg

Harry Pugalicious said...

I's never had a cheeto, so I dunno if I'd take it from Mom's mouth or not!

Nevis said...

LMAO! Love the post. Favorite line? "I don't know WHAT she was thinking with all this jackassery.....I don't have time for this crap!" HA HA HA~!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Salinger even if it was in your Mommy's mouth, anything that turns paws or fingers orange is good for you!

Melissa and Emmitt said...

oh my goodness... still laughing over here.

i think s-dog did not want to mistakingly grab more than the cheeto.

mom's nose looks cute right where it is.

:) m & e

Hank said...

Now, Sal....I know you have personal space issues, but come on. It's a Cheeto, fer cryin' out loud! My mom could have held it in her cheeks (not the ones on her face) and I still would have inhaled it.

Pearl and Daisy said...

Hey! Our Dad calls us "turdley" all the time!

We've never had cheetos but we'd probably do anything to try one.

Pug love from,
Pearl & Daisy