Monday, December 8, 2008

Topsy Turvy Times In My World!

Hi there! I got my daddy to type my thoughts about the big changes that have gone on since last Thursday.

Anyway, it all started last Wednesday. It was a normal day like any other (walk in the morning, sunning myself in the doorway, getting excited when Brother got home). Then, for some unknown reason, Brother went to spend the night at his friend Trent's house (now this is REALLY strange, as it was a school night!). I thought to myself that Mommy and Daddy were merely testing me to see if I paid attention to the comings and goings of the house (as if I didn't--REALLY, people!). We all went to bed like normal.

Then, Thursday morning, and the clock was really early (5:00 AM). MAN, I've NEVER seen Mommy up so early. I know Daddy always leaves early for work (since he usually disturbs my slumber), but this was MOMMY getting up early. On top of that, Daddy had his "weekend" clothes on. Mommy always tells him he looks so good in his "work" clothes (especially when he wears one of his suits). This was getting stranger by the minute. Soon, Mommy and Daddy were gone, and I spent the day lounging around, but also trying to think what was up.

Brother and Daddy got home in the afternoon, but NO Mommy! Daddy told me that Mommy was at the hospital and would be home tomorrow. I was SO depressed!!!!

Where did all my humans go???

On Friday, Daddy brought Mommy home from the hospital. She was walking really slowly and looked like she was hurting a lot. Daddy fixed her a place to hang out in the living room, but I couldn't get in her lap like I normally do. I was one confused pug!!!!! Luckily, I was able to stand by Mommy and served as her get-well mascot.

Mommy needs a friend....ME!!!!!

Then came even MORE change! Suddenly, I couldn't sleep with Mommy and Daddy! They gave me my bed and put it outside their door. I was NOT amused!!!!

Excuse me....this is NOT my normal accommodation! I want to speak with the manager immediately!

Well, I guess I am beginning to understand everything now. Mommy went into the hospital to have what's called a "tummy tuck" (it's something that a pug would NEVER think of doing, since we believe our tummies serve as chick magnets!). I am not able to sleep or be in Mommy's lap until she is all better (which is supposed to be real soon!).

In the meantime, Mommy has tried to make it up to me by fixing some of my toys and giving me lots of kisses. The hugs will come later, I know.

Boney Dog and Whaley are all better and ready for me to play with!

For all of you out there, be sure to show your humans how much you love them by giving them an extra lick or two. S-Dog out!


Pearl said...

Salinger, I am so glad your Mommy is home! We have been thinking about her! You are being such a good boy by being understanding of her needs right now. You'll be resting on her teeny-tiny tummy in NO time!! :)

Rachel said...

Oh Salinger - the injustice! But you have to let your mommy have her rest so she will be all back to her Salinger-spoiling-self ASAP. We're glad she's home and doing well.

Nevis said...

Wonderful to hear that your Mommy is home and doing well!!! She's in our hearts & prayers. Heal up! There's pug love to be had!

The Devil Dog said...

We are glad your mom is home and hope that her lap heals soon.


Salinger The Pug said...

Nice job "Guest Blogging" for me Daddy!!! Your rock!