Saturday, July 17, 2010

Chicago, Part 4, Those Elgin Pugs!

For our next installment of my whirlwind Chicago tour...THOSE ELGIN PUGS!

You really should read THEIR recap of our visit (and FOLLOW UP POST) because it's hilarious and there are some GREAT pics, but I'll share how things went down too...

I was so excited to meet this bunch...and I think they were pretty excited to have someone new to sniff out too!
Here is a nice group shot of the daddies...Rob and my daddy (Kevin). The Puggies are Izzy, ME and Anakin Man!

Don't forget Josie!
OMG...that FACE!!!! Mom and Dad were plotting to PugNap her!!!

Here's me with the on my mom's lap and Katy!

We were having a great time together and Anakin even asked me if I wanted to play a game!
"Pssst...hey BUD....ya wanna play CORNHOLE!?!?"

I thought that was awfully nice of Anakin to suggest a game that I'm very familiar with (being a Hoosier Pug and all!)
"Cornhole? Bring it, dude! Where are the corn bags?"

Ummm....unfortunately we kind of got our wires crossed apparently.
"'re not in the joint anymore!!! Take off that striped harness and GET OFF ME!"

(Shhhhhhhh....don't anyone tell Pugsley, ok?)


To keep us out of trouble...Mom and Katy provided some goofball entertainment....
Katy wondered what she would look like with long we know! HAHAHAA

Katy also read us her BOOK and showed us the great illustrations (available her blog for details!)

We can't wait to order it!!!

Just before we said our goodbyes, they gave me this GINORMOUS bag of goodies!
I don't even know where to START with looking at all of this! There is a cute SUNFLOWER card (since I'm an honorary Sunflower Sista), a TON of cookies, some doggie petit fours, a pink pig/bunny (I named him Wilbur!) and pics of my sweet friends dressed up for Valentines Day and also in their HOTDOG costumes! THANK YOU SO MUCH guys! You spoiled me!!!

We had such a blast meeting all of you and I don't think Mom and Dad will EVER stop laughing at Anakin "climbing aboard"!!! Thanks for inviting us to your beautiful home and spending the evening with us!


Those Elgin Pugs said...

TOO FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!
Us girls are laughing so hard right now!!
And of all the harnesses that Mommy had to pick out for Anakin...
it hads to be that one!! The Jail Break!! HA!!
Daddy shielded Anakins eye balls from the post, (BUTT...HA..get it 'butt' - we show him laters)!!
Say by the way.. do you know which Puggie this is??
Of course you do!! My fine grammer and diction!! SNORTS!!
Oh wait... hold on.. (I had cheese earlier) PFFTT.... AHHHH...
Okay...oh I feel better!!
Hey, I may sound better than those two, butt I can't promise more!!

We really had such a WONDERFUL TIME with you guys!!! Okay hold on... someone else wants to say something..

Hello's Laura!! Do yous have my rooms ready yet at 'da LaZy K?? I's pack my little Josie bags soon and come ups to see you alls!!! I hope you will puts a warm blankie on 'da bed for me's and some sockies 'cuz my feeties get cold at nite!! Hee Hee!! Oh's I love my treats (what I got of 'dem..Izzy cowed on most of 'dem) hee hee.. and I hopes when I come ups 'dere will be more!!
Now can you put Salsibury SteakButts on 'd phone...I hold...

Hmmmmm...laa..laa...Izzy smells....
doot doot...burp(oops)...laa....

what!! okay...
We's so glad we's finally met our SUNFLOWER SISTA!! And we's sorry yous got violated by our brother DA Mister!! We's not sures what got into him!!
We's having talks wit him!! He said he was a Jealous Jello's!
We had soooooooooooo much fun wit yous and yous pawrents are SOOOOO COOL!!
We must do 'dis again sometime .K!!

And don't drops 'da soaps!!! Hee Hee...SNORTS!!

Izzy and Josie Sista

Hank said...


I am DYING over here. DYING I tell you.

(I had to shield Hank and Molly from this post.)

houndstooth said...

You social butterfly, you! You're just flitting all over the place!


Diane said...

Hi Sal! That was a great post! I loved hearing about you meeting all of your blogging friends. That little Anakin doesn't mess around.
You got to meet all your friends & they brought presents too?? You are one lucky little dude for sure! xoxo Diane

3 doxies said...

Oh my mum's coffee wents aaaaall overs da 'puter silly mum can't nevers seem to keeps her coffee where it belongs readding all these Puggie blogs. ANyways, them Elgin Thugs sent us overs..I mean Elgin PUGS, they bes my furiends.
I just so loved dis post and you mamma's purty too likes they mom.
Say, ya'll thinks Anakin needs treatment or does you think his rockstar stardom has gone to his head...or butt rather.


Pugsley and Lola said...

OMG!!!! I am soooo upset!!
I thought I was your Life Partner and u post pictures of you and another pug:(( I guess I will just have to go cry:((


Chicas Libelulas said...

We just can't stop laughing!!
What a wonderfull Post,
We love your Trip, what great time you had with all your furfriends.
Spongy & Licky

Dana Orsborn said...

Hi Salinger!

Daisy and I were just catching up on your Chicago trip posts. I can't
believe you got to meet so
many of your blogger

Anakin is one party animal.
I'm surprised he wasn't wearing
his sexy robe when you came over.

Glad you had fun on your trip!

-Dana & Daisy

Wilma said...

Bahhh hahahahaha,
CORN HOLE!!! That's hysterical!
Sal,you sure look like you had a blast on your trip. Any chance you'll be traveling to New England any time soon? I would love to party with you! And if you and Sluggo want to fool around, it will be totally consensual. He would never force himself on you.

Pearl said...


Oh, I am dying!!

The combination of you two families.. well it is just too much. I bet you guys were a riot! And ANAKIN! I think his fame has gone to his... ummm... head.


Kitty+Coco said...

H-O-L-Y PUG you got the mother load of loot from the Elgins.
Anakin thought you were a hot little number. Just tell Pugsley you were chariot racing..yeah, that sounds better.
Mom told us we are never allowed to play "cornhole", whatever that means.

Kitty and Coco

Apollo said...

I'm catching up on your Chicago posts. And I'm laughing so hard I'm reverse sneezing! Shame on your Mom for posting that pic of you and Jailpug Anakin! Poor Pugsley!