Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Well, the parents have subjected me to nightmare inducing terror yet AGAIN...
Last night, they leashed me up and said we were going to visit my man Pugsley and his sister Lola. Of course I was allll excited, until we got down there and THIS was waiting for me at the door!

I'm OUTTA here!
You stall her, Lola!!!

Mom said this giant overgrown growly Pug looking thing was named DELILA and she's an English Bulldog! She's Pugsley and Lola's cousin and staying with them for a few days. OMG! I was worried that Pugsley had been grossly overfed!
I decided that if I stayed in Mom's arms and didn't look at that hoss Delila, then she wasn't actually there and it was ok.

Jeez...look at Dad getting all snuggly with Delila...(that's Pugsley's head peeking up in the corner!)
Dad LOVES Bulldogs because he went to The Citadel for college and their mascot was the bulldog. He even has one tattooed on his bicep!

FINALLY we got the HAAAIL out of there and back home where no large overgrown growly smushfaces were licking their chops to get a bite of some Pug Dim Sum....

That stuffed bulldog looks JUST like Delila! I'm going recover from my heart attack over HERE....
...and give YOU the BROWN EYE TREATMENT for the rest of the day!!!!!!


Puglette said...

oh dear!! so sorry you were traumatized by delila (she's a cutie) and then by your very own mom!! you probably weren't able to properly snuggle with pugsley with that huge beast breathing down your back. poor sal.

Pearl said...

LOL! Oh Salinger! Delila is a CUTIE, but I would have totally been scared too. Mom says I am a wuss.

speaking of moms... if you want to pay your mom back for scaring you with that stuffed animal... GET A TURTLE!!!!!!!


agent99 said...

Oh Sal, don't get yur panties in a bunch! Ooops, since you don't wear 'em, that could be a problem.

Hope Mom is spoiling you - I mean pampering you - today!

Gen & the Foo

WV:cophashm ????

Kitty+Coco said...

Let me tell you, I was sniffed (literally) up off the ground recently by a Mastif! I even had a skirt on for goodness sakes, yet still treated like a Boston of the Night. I feel your pain on being traumatized. Tell mom she can kiss your curly tail for the resty of the day :)

Harry Pugalicious said...

Salinger, that bulldog is so cute!!! You's a wimp, dude! It's a wonder your dad doesn't try to get a bulldog of his very own. Ohhh, hope I didn't just give him any ideas....

dw said...

Hey Salinger, dude! Bulldogs are kinda cute (in their own sorta way) and you're a brave dude, so I know you wouldn't be terrorized by a little bulldog! I knows you was just putting on a show for the flash monster, right?

Stella, Gunther and Betty said...

Salinger my dear. I know exactly how you feel! I cannot stand the English either. Perhaps it's that Austin Powers thing that makes them want to rub their nipples saying "Do I make you horny baby?" Uggg.

You poor thing. Take your time to recover.


Stubby said...

Sal dude - I can totally see now why you are a member of the Sunflower Club! You need to grow some you-know-whats.

A long time ago a bulldog spent the weekend with us. His name was T-Bone and he thought he was an 80 pound lap dog. I wasn't scared of him because he could hardly move!

Stubby xoxo

Maggie Pug Girl said...

Poor Salinger...wish I was there to give that Delila a what for (how dare she scare you poor guy, you're such a nice guy) [Mom says good for me, stand up for the oppressed folks!!]. I'm NOT scared of those big dogs I just get my fur up and let um have it!!!

Those Elgin Pugs said...

OMD Sal!! We'sa haves 'dat same stuffie Bull dogs!! Mommy boughts it from Ikea!! Is 'dats wheres you got yours!! 'Prolly, yousa fashion Mans. Oh, Snaps!!

I thinks you should make your Daddy gets a tattoo of a Pug I mean WTF?? He has a bull dog!! We's understand it was in college and it was his mascot, but you are his Sal!! That supersedes mascot right!! I mean really...Have Hanklin gets him Drunks and takes him to the local tattoo parlors!! And 'den your Mommy can go too and gets one of you on her back or ankle. 'den when she's out running around wit Hercules or 'dat craZy bull dog from today at Pugleys house-'dey be knowing 'bout you-be all what!! Got something to say!
'Dats my Mommy Byotches!!
Hee hee
Josie and Izzy your Sunflower Sista's (Anakin says hi too)

houndstooth said...

S-Dog, I hate to confess this, but my mom laughed like a loon over this! We think the best picture is the one with Pugsley in the corner! BOL!


Sequoia & Petunia said...


You are too funny Salinger!

Pugsley and Lola said...

Oh My Dearest Salinger-

I am soooo sorry that Diliah scared you so bad. I would have never let her hurt you!!! She will be gone in a few day, so PLEASE come back down and visit me for some make out time:)


Tweedles -- that's me said...

Oh Salinger
She was such a cutie pie.
But I know what you mean,,, it just caught you off guard and you did not have time to prepare.
Maybe someday you 2 can make friends.

Wilma said...

Woah Sal,
Sluggo here. I don't blame you one bit. We have one of those giants up the street and she is always trying to sneak up on me. I don't trust her.

Apollo said...

Holy Toledo! That's a big a-- Pug! Oh, he's not a Pug? Well, then you should probably make friends with him so that he doesn't eat you. And since your Mom tried to terrorize you with a stuffed version of Delila, I think you can turn it around by pulling the stuffing out of the mini-Delila. And keep up the stink-eye until she pampers you with treats.

The Devil Dog said...

Poor Salinger, I would be traumatized by that Delila as well. She's so big! Come on over and indulge in some broccoli and green beans with us. Lucky and I would make you feel right at home (and un-terrorized.)


Dallas Clark, Reggie Wayne, and Peyton Annie Manning said...

HOLY HOLY HOLY CRAP, indeed! Bless your heart!

Love ya!
The Pug Corral