Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I'm the host with the most!

(flashback to Saturday afternoon)

Hmmmm....the house is all straightened up, stuff is cooking, candles are lit and there's BRUSCHETTA and a plate of liver Puggy muffins on the table? That means COMPANY is coming!!!
I can totally taste test this for you to make sure it has enough basil...

Who could be coming over????
Hanklin and Molly O'Mally!!!!!

Of course their peeps came too...here I am snuggling up to Scott

We Puggies surrounded Aunt Sarah until she gave us foodables
(cue the music from JAWS!) "Come on...give it up lady! You're surrounded!"

The hoomans ate some warm cow for dinner, followed by THIS...
The "Are You Freakin' Kidding Me" Chocolate cake. I think this should be renamed the "NOT FOR PUGGIES SO WHY BOTHER?" cake.

Mom made chicken liver muffins for us 4 leggers....Aunt Sarah fed them to us when we did nice "sits".

Daddy tried to expand Hank's beer horizons and offered him up some REAL beer (not that PBR swill)
Hank said "Aw HAIL...I can't be caught drinkin' none of this QUARE S#*T!!!!!"

"I'm jess gonna spin around in this here chair."

"Ugh...I'm feelin' a little queasy, I tell you what!"
"I've gotta get this here monkey off my back!!!!"

Here's ME telling Hank that he's a big ol HOT MESS! Hahahaha

It was getting late and the Strains had to go home...but I was having so much fun with Hank and Molly that I tried to go WITH them!

Thanks for coming over Hank and Molly (and for bringing your peeps!).


Puglette said...

i totally want to live near you, sal. your momma hosts the best parties ever!! and that cake is beautiful! thanks for sharing the good times!

Heather and Walter said...

Wally is just like that! Maybe all pugs are! They assume any and all activities/friends/events/shopping bags are for them! and actually....they usually are! We have to leave for a little while, blogged about it, but we will be back and we luvs yooooo!

Diane said...

Oh my gosh....what a dinner party that was. I would have killed for a piece of that HUGE cake! You are so lucky to have such a great mom & great friends!
xoxoxo Diane

Anonymous said...

Ooh sounds like fun! Is your mom going to be able to airmail me some of that cake? *drool*

Harry Pugalicious said...

Looks like you had lots of fun with Hanklin and Molly! That cake does look yummy but I agrees with you on changing the name.

Glad you had a big time with your buddies.

Mom says to tell you she could have kept brushing me all night and maybe get enough fur for one boom. I's happy to report I still has a full coat and I'm still shedding!

houndstooth said...

I wish I lived close enough to come over to your house! You have the best parties!


Hank said...

Sal, buddy....well, you WAS a good host at the beginin' o' the evenin' but yer version an' MY version o' the end is REAL differnt I tell ya what!

I still love ya, bud.

PS That quare sh*t ain't too bad.

Huh. Never thought I'd hear muhself say THAT!

Sonic said...

Oh no! Molly does not look like she's enjoying Hanklin's affections!

Glad you had fun with your friends with so much yummy yum yums!


Stella, Gunther and Betty said...

Sal, you really are the hostess with the mostess. We sure hope Pugsley doesn't get jealous.

Mom also announced to dad that we're all packing up and moving out to Indiana so she can start partaking in some of that freaking cake.

Stella, Gunther and Betty

Apollo said...

What a fun get together. Yeah, I'm with you on the cake. But at least she was thoughtful enough to make the liver muffins. I'm glad you all had fun.

Melissa and Emmitt said...

oh how fun laura!
you are amazing and salinger is a wonderful host!
m & e