Thursday, August 26, 2010

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL?

Holden has been hard at work with football practice and perfecting his "Pancake/Mack Truck Tackle Technique" while I've been getting some extra laps around the practice field to get me into tip top shape for another season of being the team mascot!

Yep...that's my big brother...the BEEF!!!!

Mom has been taking me up to the field on evenings BELOW 80 degrees so we can walk and I can patrol the sidelines and make new friends!

Aren't these ADORABLE little boys? That's Coy and Mason...they're brothers of Holden's teammate/buddy, Justin! They LOOOOVE me!

Here's a new friend that I just met tonight! This is Avery....

He's a Bearded Collie and he's only SIX MONTHS OLD! It took me a while to warm up and be friends with him (since I'm a "Pugist" and act all uppity toward snouted dogs!) He's a pretty cool dude and belongs to one of Holden's teammates/buddies named Jackson.

Here is a team pic....biggify to see the AWESOME Mascot front and center!!!

Holden is top row, last player on the right. GO #87!!!

Here I am in my team jersey!

GO EAGLES!!!!!!!!!

First game is on Saturday! Hopefully we'll have good news to report!


Sequoia & Petunia said...

Yay go Holden and Salinger!!

Sequoia and Tuni

martha said...

I hope Holden has a great season personally, and that his team does great, too!

And the Eagles are wonderful to include the cutest little mascot ever in their picture! Certainly it will bring them a lot of luck!

Martha and Bennie

Mr. Pip said...

Even though I live in Chicago, I am an Eagles fan!

Your pal, Pip

Wilma said...

Good luck to Holden! He can't lose with you as his lucky charm. Me likey the jersey!

Pearl said...

You are the cutest mascot ever!

GO HOLDEN!!!!!!!!!

Harry Pugalicious said...

That team should wins every game just because their mascot is so cool! You and Holden both look very tough. I hopes you has a GREAT season!

Sonic said...

Gooooo Holden! And Sal you could totally be a lineman!


Hank said...

Oh, man, that is a great pic o' you an' The Beef! Y'all look like real men's men!

(Now just don't be doin' TOO much butt-pattin', bud.)