Monday, May 2, 2011

'Ello loves! Pop 'round for a spot of tea will you?

Yeah, that's how mom woke my PugButt up on Friday morning!!!! Talking all silly like that!
THEN she put THIS on my head!

OOOHHH a pretty pink diamond TIARA!!!??? Well...this day is looking better already!!!

Mom put jewelry and a diamond tiara too and then started pouring CHAMPAGNE into a big punchbowl of ORANGE JUICE!

She also said "NO BOYS ALLOWED....except for YOU, Salinger!!!"

I noticed THIS shiny thing sitting out....

HEY...I can see my handsome self!!! Hey mom....your Grandma C. would be REALLY proud of you for polishing this and using it properly!

The table was set with the fancy dishes and all sort of pretty little bits of foodables...

THEN the doorbell rang!

GIRLY FRIENDS!!!!....wearing PJs!!!!

They were here to eat foodables, drink Mimosas and watch the Royal Wedding!!!

As you can see here...I was TOTALLY invited to the wedding....

...but chose to stay home and keep mom and her friends company!

I got to sit FRONT and CENTER to see the action...

Do you recognize Aunty Nancy (she was my FIRST mommmy...and still has my brother Bert and my PugMom Gertie!)? Behind me is JULIE of the Colts Pug Corral, and then our friend Jennifer who has the CUTEST bearded Collie named Avery!

I got lots of yummy tastes of brunchables...

Thanks, Princess Andrea!!!

Not only was this a party for PRINCESSES....but for PUGGIES too!

This is mom's friend Elise and her sweet puggy IZZY! Isn't she CUTE!?

My pal Maggie was here too! Elise was the "Pug Whisperer" and got us all to sit nicely for Puggy Pumpkn Scones!


The ladies and I watched the wedding and there was some EXCELLENT color commentary about all of the crazy HATS!

What are those haberdashers smoking over there????

Ok...then finally...THE KISS

YAY!'s over....Mom why don't YOU kiss ME and let's go take a nap????

Come on...I'm WAAAY handsomer than that Prince William dude...aren't I????

Pee S. Mom left her tiara, pearls and PJs on ALL FREAKIN DAY! HAHAHAHAA

Pee Pee S. NO update yet on what my icky lump on the paw was. My bandage is still on and I haven't been gnawing at it as much today....we'll keep you updated!


Gracie the Agility Pug said...

Looks like you all had a royally great time.

Stella, Gunther and Macaroni said...

We really don't get they hype about the royal wedding. Guess it's fun for your mom and her girly friends to start drinkin' in the morning... BOL!

The Smushies

tweedles said...

A jammy party and doggy party and human party and all that stuff happening in the world...
well if I was there, I would want my crown on too... and yes Salinger
you are cuter that Prince William

Manda and Oisín x said...

Oh Salinger your party sure did look like funs. Gosh how early were you guys up.
And drinking in the mornings tut tut.
Your suppose to wait till at least 10am befopre yous start drinking :P


Wilma said...

How fun was that?! Another reason we wish we were Indy Pugs. You must let us know as soon as you find out about that stupid growth.

Hank said...

Oh, Sally.....I'm so sorry we missed the party but Mommy had to work.

Looks like a GRAND time!!! Next time, I'll have Mommy call in deathly sick!

Lick ya later!


Sequoia & Petunia said...

Oh Salinger we watched too and it was fab! You look great in your pink crown.

Good luck with the paw