Saturday, April 30, 2011

Pug on Druuuuugs!!!!

Duuuuude! So I've had this little spot on my paw that mom noticed a few days ago that I've been licking and chewing. Mom has been watching it (she thought it was just a nick from the rosebushes outside) but this morning it looked like THIS!!!

HOLY CRAP! Mom and Dad flipped out, called Dr. Graves and they told us to come right in....

(No...this isn't actually them, but the faces were captured perfectly).

Dr. Graves looked at my paw and said he "Didn't like the look of it" and said he wanted to remove the cysty thing. He said it could be a mast cell tumor, OR it could be a benign histo-blahblahblah and we should get lab results back in a few days. Here I am ALL DONE and feeling NO PAIN!

Niiiice Dr. Graves gave me a shot for pain and this pretty green bandage. Now I'm seeing pretty colors!

Here I am at home enjoying the effects of the drugs, man!!!

Does anyone else have the munchies?????

Mom promises to keep everyone posted with my lab results, but Doc says I'm going to be JUST FINE and said he cut out the entire "iffy" looking spot.

Happy Saturday everyone! Turn up the Pink Floyd, man!!!!


Aniemother said...

BOL! You look a little lost in space there, dude. Hope they don't find anything nasty in the piece they stole from you. Oh.. and I sure want some cheese.

PeeEss: we are laughing very much as our word verification is coone.. We thinks they're refering to the coone of shaame.

Puglette said...

oh sal, you little pug on drugs! take a good nap, buddy.

laura, that video is hysterical! i love your commentary and your family giggling in the background. thanks for the giggle, but we will really be sending positive thoughts for salinger's ouchie to be nothing serious.

Chicas Libelulas said...

Hola Chicas!!!
ohh Salinger you must be on very weird medication!! you were ofered CHEESEE man!! and you did not care!! Don't bite you paw paw, they will put the cone of shame!!
were a soccky, well we stole one of my baby cousin!! Hope everything you feel better !!
Spongy & Licky

dw said...

OMG that is soooo funny! Salinger, dude! Those must have been some funky drugs that doc gave ya!

Wilma said...

Dude! You are sooooo wasted. Just go with it. Don't fight it man. When you come down and ar ready for some chow, come on by the Sunflower party. No, on second thought, we'll send a cab. Feel better soon friend.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Salinger, I have been on those kind of drugs too,,!!
what a trip they put you on.!!!
your wasted!
My paws are sending postive vibes your way.
And even though you can't see me... I am sitting beside you

Wilma said...

Hey Sal, I'm sending Brigitte and Licky with some get well treats! Look up.

KibitzKnitz said...

Sal!! Dude, you are so wasted!! Look at all the pretty colors... Dixie says to stay away from that Cone of Shame!

Sorry you have a hurt paw and I hope that it heals up quick! Cheese does make it all better...

Archie and Melissa said...

oh salinger!
poor baby!
you look so cute with a green foot!
s-dog there has to be an easier way to have a green thumb.
i will call mr. green jeans and get some gardening tips to share with you.
in the meantime, i am rubbing my foot in the wet grass to make it green just like yours!
we will keep checking in on you.
i bet you will get lots of munchies or at least mom and dad will take some pics of you with empty chips bags to convince you you did. ;)
archie poo pants

The Devil Dog said...

Dude, your mom is, like, mean! Sticking that camera in your face and laughing at you. Poor dude! Though, to tell the truth, you are tripping rather high there and are really funny! My drugs aren't nearly so potent as yours.

take care and be careful of the trip down, that can be a real bummer.


Stella, Gunther and Macaroni said...

Wow, that looks gnarly Sal! Wait until your mom and dad find out you really just went crazy with the nail polish... I told you never to paint your nails after a couple pugtinis. Anyhooo, make sure you keep us posted on what the vet says.


Stanley said...


It's cool that your vet gives out good drugs when they mutilate your body like that. I'm sending healing goob vibes and smooches your way, SalPal! Keep us posted.

Goober love,

Sequoia & Petunia said...

OMD you look so out of it but thenyou have this radnom burst of energy BOL! We hope all goes well with that thingy they removed paws are crossed her for you! Enjoy the trip!


It's a Pugs Life said...

I hope you feel better soon! The vet is far out, man! You got a cool bandage?! All I get is a thermometer up my butt! Am I missing out?!

Oakley and Swisher said...

First of all happy be-lated b day Sal, mom reads blogs everyday but she is so lame at commenting. Secondly, we hope that whatever that is they took off your leg that you are ok and healthy. And lastly whoa you were high in that video, we've never seen anyone that high and we live in California. BOL!

Lots of licks,

Oak and Swish

Vito and Gina said...

Oh Salinger - we're so sorry we missed your trauma until just now! Your mom must have mistaken that Urban Outfitters t-shirt: it's Pugs NOT Drugs, not Pugs ON Drugs! We know you were feeling bad there, 1. you looked kind of like you might ralph and 2. you didn't even want CHEESE!!

We're so glad your tumor thingy was harmless!


Suzy said...

Bahaha! I want whatever he is on :)