Thursday, April 28, 2011

A special THANK YOU and GOTCHA DAY post

Hi everyone! First off...would anyone believe us if we told you were were abducted by aliens for the last 10 days? (which is exactly how long it's been since we blogged about anything?)????

NO? We didn't think you'd buy it!

Well, we're back today with another one of our very special THANK YOU shout outs for another very kind donation that was made to the March In The Pugs raffle last month!

Meet Krista (the human) and her furkid JEZZY!

Mom and Krista have been friends since MIDDLE SCHOOL and she lives in Florida now, but heard that KPR needed some stuff to raffle to help raise money for our Puggy friends, so Jezzy and her peeps sent THESE!

WOW! SO COOL! Jezzy (and Krista) totally understood the situation because Jezzy is a recycled doggie too! Thanks guys! We noticed the ticket bag for these gift cards were FULL (which means a LOT of tickets were sold!)

Here is cute Jezzy with her daddy...

She is dressed in her patriotic best because her daddy is one of the brave people that protect our country! He is very far away right now and we understand that Jezzy misses him. THANK YOU for all that you do Jezzy's daddy!!!!

NOW...this is where the superspecial part comes in....THIS is Jezzy's brother, Gavin!

Today is Gavin's GOTCHA DAY!!!! Krista explained that while it's very important to rescue 4 leggers that need homes, there are also a LOT of 2 LEGGERS that need good homes too! SO ten years ago today, a nice judge in the Ukraine made 4/28 Gavin's GOTCHA DAY!!! Happy GOTCHA Day, Gavin Buddy!

Thanks so much guys! You ROCK!

Today is ALSO My Uncle Scotty Honey's birthday!!!

He's the one that gave me my nickname of "S-Dog!"
Be sure to check out the BIRTHDAY POST we did for him last year!!!

We PROMISE to be better about blogging (yeah, yeah, yeah....). Things should slow down a bit this weekend for us so we promise to catch up on all of your bloggies and say HI and see what you guys have all been up to. Mom has a crap-ton of new pics and material, she just needs to DO IT!


Gracie the Agility Pug said...

Wow, you've been busy, dude. Thank Jezzy for letting us borrow her dad. We all appreciate it. Happy Gotcha Day to Gavin!

And thanks for catching up.


Benny and Lily said...

It's so nice to see doggies go to forever homes. So adorable. That is a good friend sending all those much needed cards
Benny & Lily

Pearl said...

Your momma has some sweet friends! What a nice donation, and HAPPY gotcha day to Gavin! What a cutie! I am so thankful for Jezzy's Daddy and what he does.

Oh and Uncle Scotty Honey... happy birfday!

Hope you guys have a great weekend!


dw said...

Wow, lots to celebrate, dude! Such a great donation to KPR, Gavin's gotcha day and Uncle Honey's bday, I'm sure you and your mama have been real busy! I was going to leave you a poke here because you hadn't updated the bloggy in a while (longer than you guys normally go between posties). Now that your mama is done with all that royal celebrating (her party looked like fun even if they did have silly hats on the TV) she can get back to the important things in life -- helping to spread the awesomeness of S-Dog!

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