Sunday, January 25, 2009

I'm a GOOD driver!

I got to go on a road trip to Dayton, OH with Mommy and Holden on Friday afternoon! Holden took this picture of me...

Today (Sunday), Daddy is flying on an airplane to Las Vegas for a long, boring, tedious work conference all week (yeah, we don't feel sorry for him either!). I just emailed the above picture to him with the following note:

Hi Daddy!

If you win lots of money in Vegas, will you buy me my own car? I'm a VERY good driver!

I love you!


Paws crossed! I'll let you know what he says!

Here is daddy's reply to my note yesterday! Let's all wish him luck!

"Daddy's only won a paltry six bucks so far, but the week is young. If I do hit it big, I'll let YOU be my chaffeur!!!! I can tell you handle driving like a Secret Service agent!!!!
I love you!"
Put it all on RED NINE daddy!!!!


Rachel said...

Clementine fancies herself a superb driver as well. Maybe you guys could team up - one at the wheel, one at the pedals - and really make that work!

Pearl said...

OMD Salinger!! If you get a car, and I can buy pawtinis... THINK of the wild times we could all have!!

PLEASE say yes, S-Dog Daddy!

Tibby said...

Hi Salinger!
It looks like you are doing a great job driving! I hope your daddy wins big and gets you that car you want!
:) Tibby

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi salinger!
you are a very handsome driver!
when you win your car, what kind will you get?
m & e

The Devil Dog said...

Funny how they want to sit at the wheel when we are in the car. Roxy would do the same thing, but I don't let her.

Roxy's mom

Rosie said...

Hi Salinger, I left you an award to give you luck - maybe you can get that car after all!

Tweedles -- that's me... said...

Hi Salinger,I say lets get the keys and lets go! We can make a good pair with out driving abilities, and you can be all dooded up and I can wear one of my fleece jackets. ,,,, hey my mom doesn't know how to get pictures into this computer -without a cd from the store- so soon as we get new pics I will show you my wardrobe and then we can plan our trip. What do ya thinky?

Hank's mom said...

Sal, judging by the look on your face you obviously take driving very seriously. Good for you!

Oh, wait. You Pugs always look serious. Nevermind!

Sandra y Coco said...

Hi S-Dog! Did you go to the same driving school as I did? It looks so!