Saturday, January 15, 2011

A job WELL done!!!

YAY! Jerry and I are all finished with our new wall/fireplace/corner!!!

TAH-DAH!!!!!!! That's me (the project snoopervisor) with Jerry, residential construction and remodeling specialist extraordinaire!!!

Look closely at the cool niche that Jerry built so the DVR and Blu-ray player can have their wires hidden!

Mom didn't waste any time "puggifying" it with our Cupug and Punk Rock Pug tchochkies!!!!

Mom can't decide which of these or order for the new faux fireplace...


Knowing her...she'll probably get BOTH and switch 'em up!

Mr. Jerry and I had SO much fun while he was here. He has a big Golden named Scout so he knew all the best doggie games to play...
We played TUG...


We played LIGHTS OUT...


and we played KISSY FACE!

Thank you SO much Jerry! We love our new corner!

Jerry is working on getting his new website up and running, so if you're around Indy and need something sure to CLICK HERE to check him out!

Happy Saturday everyone!!!!

***MOM'S NOTE*** Forgot to mention....there is also a soundbar that will be installed (hopefully this weekend by "Taco" and "Lucky") directly below the TV on the wall, which is where there is the space between the niche and the screen!


Benny and Lily said...

Thank goodness you were there to help out jerry we almost fired cause we thought he forgot to put the log in the cool fireplace. Now you will always know where to find your pops
Happy Day
Benny & Lily

Wilma said...

OK, do you think if I leave for the bus station now, I could make it there in time for tomorrows games? I'll bring the beer. That is way cooler than our lame 20" piece o crap we have to watch tv on. Mom is trying to convince Dad to attend one of those sales they have around Superbowl time to purchase a real TV. Dig the eighties music video playing on the tube.
I must say, I prefer the rustic nature of the log candleholder, but the more contemporary piece might blend in better with your decor. But you are right, my Mom would get them both too!

Marlene said...

You should toadally tell your mom to put a pug bed in the little cubby & you could have a new hideaway!

Love, Marlene

Puglette said...

so pretty! that looks great! jerry looks like a great contractor, good work and nice to puggies. can't wait to hear how many trips to home depot taco and lucky make while installing the sound bar!

kjpugs said...

Ooooh! That looks like a nice warm corner for you to relax in! We vote the big thing with lots of candles so you have extra puggy warmth!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

I think Jerry is an awsome guy because he played kissy face with you.
Oh yes,,,, what a beautiful job Jerry did,,,, my moms love his work,, and the fireplace.

Anonymous said...

Love it! And I love both your fireplace options.. and think you should buy both and switch them out! lol

Also.. a sound bar? Is that the main suround sound piece or will you have other speakers around the room? we did the suround bar didn't find it as awesome as the multiple speakers.

Vito and Gina said...

Wow! That was really fast! I'm sure Jerry could NOT have done it without you, though, Sal.