Monday, August 15, 2011

Special visitors! we promised yesterday, Mom is catching up with blogging for me. Rewind back to the first week of August.....some of my favorite people came to see ME!

It's the EDWARDS family!!!!
That's Olivia, Tom, Elyse and Susan! CLICK HERE and HERE to see pics from their other visits so you can see how big the girls have gotten!

Mom and Aunt Susan have been BFFs since the first day of 6th grade (back in 1981!)

Awwwwww! That's a LOT of fun over the years!

Aunt Susan was there at the hospital with mom when Holden was born! She tried to hold him like she did when he was a six pound baby.....

But it wasn't as comfortable 12 years later!!!!

Olivia and Elyse LOOOOOOVE me!

They looked funny with their faces painted (by a clown at the mall!) but I didn't care!'s fun playing TUG with these girls!!!!


Hmmm...Olivia and Elyse brought some interesting toys with them!

Mom says this girl's name is "Barbie" and says she's the most fabulous toy in the world. Looking at how glamorous she is, I think I have to agree!!!!

The peeps spent some time at the pool, the zoo, and a few other places that DON'T allow Pugs (what crap!), BUT....then I got to ride with them in Aunt Susan and Uncle Tom's van!

GUESS where we went?????



Aunt Susan and the girls picked me out a special treat for being such a good boy....


NOM NOM NOM! Doggie Carrot Cake!!!!!!!

Thank you Aunt Susan!!!!

...and thank you for bringing your family down to see ME!

Same time next year, ok????

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Suzy said...

Aunt Susan and her family ROCK! Her girls are beautiful & I bet they were fun to play with xoxo

I like your pink booster seat, Sal *snicker...