Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Presents with Pugsley and Lola

We had a Puggy gift exchange with Pugsley (my Pugsband) and Lola! Heather was carring this bag that smelled YUMMY!


We all attacked her and opened the bag and discovered it was a big bag of Bit O Luv (yes...I shared with everyone!)


I gave Heather a kiss and thanked her for using her opposable thumbs to get the treats for Pugsley and Lola to give to me!

OK...MY turn to give Pugsley and Lola their pressies!!!!

Mom made homemade treats (peanut butter squirrels and bones!)

CHECK THIS OUT...a dual leash for when it's walking weather again!!! Now Pugsley and Lola won't get all tangley when we walk together!!!!

After presents, we all played and ran around the living room like maniacs (typical).

Did any of you exchange presents with your puggy friends???

Happy Tuesday!


Evy Metal said...

My two grandpuggies, Piggy & Wilbur, came over for Christmas dinner. I gave them each several bullies, 4 bags of their favorite treats and new little squeaky toys. They were very happy pugs!

Wilma said...

Hey Sal,
Nice prezzies. I am beginning to think I got ripped off. There was a day when Sluggo came home smelling of my Murphy man with a lambie. Do you think that was for me? Cuz I got nuthin' from my friends. These people better recognize my authoratay as the Queen and start coughing up the prezzies!

Southern Fried Pugs said...

We are exchanging presents with our cousins (non-pugs) next week. And probably our pug friends Lilo and Stitch. We got them stuff anyway. Way to score on those treats!