Thursday, February 3, 2011

The NOT so glamorous side of Indy Iceageddon '11!

Yesterday we showed you all the fun and jackassery that went along with our big ice storm, but today we're showing you a darker, less fun side!

Flash back to yesterday morning...

"Um...MOM? I can't get out my door to go take care of "business"!"


Mom pried my door open and HOLY CRAP! Look at this!!!

Be sure to click to biggify!
**Mom's note...yeah...I really need to repaint all the trim!**

"Wow Mom...that's a hot buttered MESS right there! What are YOU going to do about it???"

"Hurry up....I'm ready to EXPLODE!"


First she tried this big spoon/chisel method....

Which would have been awesome if I was in the mood for a SNOW CONE!!!

GOTTA PEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! she dumped boiling hot water all over the deck...

THAT was a big ol' FAIL too...just made a slushy mess that froze right back up!


A hair dryer??? SERIOUSLY MOM?????

Time to bust out the big guns....

A sledgehammer, axe and a GRILL SPATULA!!!!



Thanks for the path and everything, but SO LONG SUCKERS!!!!!

It's WAAAY too cold out here! I'm taking MY pugButt back inside!!!!!

Happy Thursday everyone!!!!


Anonymous said...

Ohh Mi paws dat be some serious snow n ice dere, Mee don't blames yoo feur not hangin abouts after takin care ovs business


dw said...

Heee@ using an ax to clean the ice!. Seriously, you need an ice chopper....just a blade (and not even a real sharp one either) attached to a long stick (so you don't have to bend down like that with your jackassery in the air!). I remember we had one when I was a kid and it would come in very hand. You bash it down from a standing position, then shovel up the remains. I'm with you, Salinger - it's too freakin' cold to be outside! Stay warm!

Aniemother said...

BOL! We're having a thaw here so everything is slippery with the nice ice covered in a thin layer of water..


Lilo, The Great Rock Eater said...

BOL!!! Sal, our mommas are so special!! When the ice scrapper broke trying to uncrust momma's car, she turned to a rather large kitchen knife to get the ice off!!! The lengths our mommas will go to sometimes!! Glad you got out to do your business though!! =)



Pearl and Daisy said...

Wow! You had a whole ice crew working for your bladder! And a GRILL SPATULA. Holy cow. We'thought those just worked on hamburgers.

Pug love from,
Pearl & Daisy

Melissa and Emmitt said...

oh my gosh!
salinger, i am so glad your mom unfroze your door in time!
what a great post!
m & e

Wilma said...

Oh Sal, I am totally feeling you. All of our paths are a slick frozen mess. Then this afternoon, mom tried to take us out for business, and the door wouldn't open. There was a giant icicle melting off the gutter thing, and it made a pile of ice so high, it blocked the screen door. Yup, and our back door has been under ice for weeks. We were trapped. So, after the old boiling h20 ice slick creator to get us loose, she was doing the same thing as your parents out there. Hacking and chopping. Chopping and hacking. She also said a few choice words even I had never heard before.
Plus, no ice melter, anywhere. WTF!!!

Benny and Lily said...

Holy snowflakes!!! That is crazy. Almost had to call the fire engines
Benny & Lily

Hank said...

Harharharhar, bud! Nice butt shot!

Now I wish I woulda known ya needed help. I still got Joe Jack's blow torch from LAST winter!

Kitty+Coco said...

WOW! Talk about seeing a blur of fawn fur. That is some crazy snow. Poor Sal having to mess up his mani-pedi for that.

Kitty and Coco

Chicas Libelulas said...

Oh, we thought it was cold here, but we were wrong, great job holding it, my sis would peed inside right infront of momma.
I think you need some explosives, that ice was like rock,
Hope is warmer
Spongy & Licky

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Salinger your mom had some great ideas,,,,,
i know it took a lot of thinking to come up with those ideas,,,

all your friends have come up with good ideas too,, maybe you should keep a diary in case it happens next year,,, then you would be all prepared- with what works, and what doesn't work.